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Pssst... hey coach... listen up. This is IMPORTANT.

You're about to discover some surprising secrets about basketball defense that 99 out of 100 folks will never learn.

Secrets that will automatically inject your players with the mental AND physical tools to shut down ANY opponent you'll face.

Secrets that will mold your team into a finely tuned defensive machine, suffocating your competition with defensive pressure that blankets the court from sideline to sideline.

Secrets that will motivate every kid on your team to take pride in his "D" - and bust his hump with 100% intensity for every second he's on the floor.

This Is NOT Your Garden Variety
Collection Of Tired Old Drills

It's a little-known defensive success formula that's been tried, tested, and proven at the highest levels of college basketball.

Powerful enough to to work for NCAA Championship teams like the Florida Gators.

Simple enough to work for "everyday" youth and high school teams like yours and mine.

Master this simple formula and I guarantee your defensive performance will improve... faster and more dramatically than you ever thought possible.

You'll win more games.

Gain more respect.

And finally realize the satisfaction and glory of coaching a championship basketball team.

Best of all, if this formula doesn't work for you, I'll give you 100 bucks for your trouble (more on that later).

The genius behind these secrets is none other than Larry Shyatt - the NCAA Basketball legend who even the top dogs go to for defensive advice.

You may know him from his head coaching days at Wyoming or Clemson... or as the four-time "Basketball Times" assistant coach of the year... or as the former board member at the National Association of Basketball Coaches.

But he's probably best known as the defensive specialist behind the Florida Gators back to back NCAA Championships in 2006 and 2007… transforming that team into a tenacious defensive powerhouse… and personally mentoring future NBA stars Joakim Noah and Al Horford.

Coach Shyatt's defensive philosophy is based on three key principles:

Stop "easies" early in the possession.

Get back on defense at top speed, build a wall that protects the paint, and try to stall your opponent 

If you can buy six or seven seconds without giving up a layup or wide open jumper, you've given your defense a chance to get into position and ready to help. 

All five defenders playing the ball.

Whether you're closing out, denying the pass, or providing help, every player needs to see the ball and react to its position on the court.

Coach Shyatt teaches this strategy using the "string" concept, and uses a number of unique drills to drive this home. 

Prevent second-chance shots at all costs.

Offensive rebounds usually give your opponent an easy putback or wide open shot, so it's absolutely critical that your team controls the defensive boards.

When a shot goes up, every defender finds a check, initiates contact… then (last but not least) goes after the ball. 

Of course, all that is easier said than done.

It's not like you can just read off those bullet points at your next practice, cross your fingers, and hope your players suddenly "get it."

Behind each concept is a diverse set of skills that every player on your team needs to know.

Like the exact footwork to use when closing out on the perimeter… how to funnel the ball away from vulnerable areas on the court… how to force a post player out of the key without fouling... and so on.

Coach Shyatt understands those skills better than anyone in the game. And, more importantly, he's knows how to teach them in a simple, clear way that anyone can understand.

That's Good News For Coaches Like You

You don’t need to experiment with new drills, try out unproven strategies, or reinvent the wheel.

Because today, for the first time ever, you can learn Coach Shyatt's entire defensive formula, on video, right over your computer screen!

All of his best-kept "lockbox" secrets are now being revealed in a new online video clinic called "Project Defense: 21 Top Secret Drills To Shut Down Your Opponents."

It's 69 minutes long, and covers every phase of the defensive game. From footwork and fundamentals… to transition defense… conditioning… team defense… post defense… perimeter defense… and defensive rebounding.

Each drill is demonstrated on-court by real players, complete with step by step instructions from Coach Shyatt himself.

Here are a few of the drills you'll discover...

Knick Drill: A great technique for practicing "quick conversion" - going from an offensive to a defensive mindset in the blink of an eye (8:01)
Circle the Wagons: How to block out and rebound effectively, while reinforcing the principles of transition defense. This is Coach Shyatt's FAVORITE drill for developing a killer rebounding instinct! (9:36)
32 Overload: Practices the "overload" principle by under-manning your defense... so they learn to cut off high percentage shots and stall the offense until help arrives (13:21)
Laker to Heat Drill: How to cut off the most DANGEROUS area of the court, and force your competition into chucking up low percentage shots (17:11)
Squeak Up Squeak Back: How to pick up a dangerous offensive player, eliminate the catch and shoot, and cut off the driving lane - even if you're slow or can't jump! (24:01)
Short Slide Drill: Strengthens the hips, thighs, groin, and glutes - so your players can glide across the court with maximum speed and agility. This one drill alone will IMMEDIATELY improve your on-the-ball defense (29:17)
Bounce Drill: An intense conditioning routine that injects your kids with ridiculous short-burst quickness on the court. NOT for the faint of heart (30:21)
Bumper Drill: Learn the exact footwork needed to go over, under, or through an on-ball screen. Teaches your players to be quick with their feet, win the first step, defeat the pick, and maintain position without losing their man (31:53)
Screen Killer: A competitive 3-step drill that trains your defenders to beat stationary screens, cut off the passing lanes, and prevent dangerous shooters from receiving the rock (32:11)
Double Single Drill: Helps your kids develop the footwork, toughness, and stamina to chase their opponents all over the court (37:12)
11-22 Drill: A great full-court drill for pressing teams - teaches your defenders to contain the ball, communicate with their teammates, and give help off the dribble (38:53)
Help Side Exchange: Reinforces the ball-you-man "string" principle, so your players can cut off penetration, deny the easy pass, and force your opponents into taking low-percentage shots! (44:25)
2 on 2 Hand In The Face: How to rotate from strong side to help side at break-neck speed, while staying under control, preventing baseline drives, and blocking out on the shot (48:44)
Cut Throat Drill: Need a fun, competitive drill to give your practices a little more "juice?" Try this 3 on 3 "cut throat" competition and watch your players battle for supremacy! (56:45)

And many more.

Implement just a handful of these drills into your practice routine and you'll see a dramatic improvement in the way your kids play…

Improved fundamentals
Better communication and teamwork
More hustle and intensity

And, most importantly - better defensive performance.

You'll learn exactly how to force your opponents AWAY from their strengths… AWAY from their high percentage shots… and AWAY from their best scoring opportunities.

Dozens Of Killer Coaching Pointers

The beauty of this online clinic is not just the drills - it's the mini "breakdown" sessions between each demonstration.

Coach Shyatt uses this time to explain each concept in the simplest way possible, without any complicated "coach-speak" or insider mumbo jumbo.

You'll discover dozens of killer tips, pointers, and "quick-learn" strategies to help drive these concepts home and shorten the learning curve .

So you can watch the videos today and start using the drills in practice tomorrow,even if you're brand new to coaching!

Here's a small sample of the tips you'll learn…

The only pass your defense should ever encourage the offense to make. Gives your team the best chance of an easy steal (4:47)
A cool new technique that irritates the ballhandler into making bad decisions. Force more bad passes and more turnovers with this clever little trick! (19:34)
The single most important skill in basketball. HINT: If you're practices aren't "squeaking" you're in BIG trouble! (21:45)
A sneaky trick that allows your big guys to shut down smaller, quicker ball-handlers on the perimeter. Gives the illusion of an "in your face" close-out, while maintaining enough space to cut off the dribble-drive (25:38)
How to stop playing "mannequin" defense in practice, and create more game-like intensity and realism in your defensive footwork drills. (26:33)
A HUGE mistake inexperienced coaches make with the Zig Zag drill. Stop it NOW… and do THIS instead (40:03)
How to customize your Shell Drill to prepare for specific opponents (a killer strategy most coaches never even THINK about!) (55:11)
Why "wrestling" in the post actually gives the OFFENSE a big advantage. This is a true "A-HA" moment for any serious coach (58:09)
The CORRECT way to front a low-post defender. HINT: it's all about the pass-entry angle. (63:09)

And many, many more. 

"We Won Our Division!"

"As a first time coach (fourth grade boys) I needed drills that would build the kids skills quickly. The drills and plays give you an easy way to look like you know what you're doing. In the end we won our Division and our 37 team tourney!"

Coach Greg Entler
Columbus, Oh
Immaculate Conception Rams

Until now, the only way to learn these drills directly from Coach Shyatt would be at one of those big, overpriced national coaching clinics in Las Vegas or Orlando.

By the time you paid your admission ($150), air fare (at least $200), hotel and meals (another $200)… you're in the hole $550 or more.

But today, we're bringing Coach Shyatt to you - right in the comfort of your own living room or office, for just $40.00 $29.95.

Ready to dive in? Here's what to do next!

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Skeptical? I understand.

The Internet is filled with more drills and coaching tips than you can shake a stick at. It's hard to tell which ones are worthwhile, and which ones are just a waste of time.

So I understand why it might be tough to pull the trigger on an investment like this (even though the price is so low).

So let me emphasize one important point.

This is NOT some pie in the sky "theory" video that you'll watch once and never actually use.

Every tip, drill, and coaching pointer that you'll learn was built on years of testing, trial and refinement at the highest levels of basketball.

If it worked for the Clemson Tigers, Wyoming Cowboys, and (NCAA Champion) Florida Gators, it WILL work for you.

And to show you I'm really serious, I want to offer you something special. A ridiculously generous guarantee that's impossible to refuse.

One Hundred Dollar
"Put My Money Where My Mouth Is"

Here's the deal. Order the online clinic right now and you get two full months to review the material and decide if the drills are as good as I say.

Use them in practice with your players. Show them to your assistant coaches. Heck... spend a few minutes at the gym and try out a few of 'em for yourself.

If you're not 100% impressed with the drills... if you don't see an immediate improvement in the way your kids play defense... just let me know and I'll cheerfully refund your entire payment right away.

And to really make sure you're happy, I'll even let you pick ANY resource from my coaching library valued at $100 or less and

Let You Have It For FREE!

That's right! Any single online clinic or book from my library (under $100) is yours - on the house.

Crazy I know... but that's just how confident I am that this stuff will blow your mind and completely transform your team.

My accountant thinks I've totally lost my marbles… and my partners tried to veto this deal before I even got started.

They think that some unscrupulous folks will try to take advantage of this deal and screw me over. But I trust you, and I know you'll give this a fair shake. And in the end, the $29.95 for the online clinic will be the best investment you'll make all season.

Elementary Citywide Champs!

"Our team went from having a four win season to going 18-4! Thanksgiving Preseason Champs, Runner up in the League Championship, & The Elementary Citywide Champs! Your system made my practices easy to run & gave the players skills to use in game time situations."

Willie Warren
Johnsontown Road Elementary
Louisville, Kentucky

If you aren’t ready for what I offer that’s fine. Some of these secrets and tactics are so far out of the “mainstream” that only experienced coaches know how well they work.

But if you ARE interested, please don't hesitate. The $29.95 introductory price is WAY lower than what we normally ask for an online clinic this good, and I may give in and raise the price soon.

Click here to get started now and get instant access to everything. If you decide to "think about it" and come back later, you could wind up paying a whole lot more.

Are you going to take action? Or keep sitting on the sidelines?

The choice is up to you.

Yours for better basketball,

Coach Pat Anderson

PS - I know it's a bit of a cliché, but defense really DOES win championships.

Offensive performance comes and goes. Some games, it seems like there's a lid on the basket, and your players can't make a shot from anywhere.

Injuries can put your best scorers on the bench.

Or your entire team can catch a bad case of the butterfingers and you can barely hold onto the ball.

But no matter how bad things get on offense - defense is always your trump card.

Great defense can keep you in the game when your offense is struggling. Great defense can bring your team back from a big deficit. And great defense can even the playing field against, bigger, faster or more skilled teams.

It's the one area of the game that ANY kid can become really good at. And the one constant you can rely on for a competitive advantage in every game of the season.


"Showed Me Which Fundamentals
To Work On At Practice!"

"Showed me which fundamentals to work on at every practice, and how to incorporate new concepts. For inexperienced coaches, it's a good introductory how to. And it has good info for the more experienced coach looking for new ideas."

David Coenen
7th grade Appleton North
Girls Tournament Team
Appleton, WI

Even the most experienced coaches can learn a LOT from a defensive mastermind like Coach Shyatt. And with this incredible "$100 in your pocket" guarantee - there's absolutely no reason why you shouldn't get started today.

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