What is a Matchup Pressure Zone Defense?

The match-up zone is a "hybrid" defense, which combines the tenacity and pressure of man-to-man, with the help and support of a zone.

The on-ball defender closes out and plays tight to his opponent, using the same principles as a good man-to-man defense. Meanwhile, your other four defenders pick up players in their respective zones, switching freely so your big men stay down low and your quick guards stay on the perimeter.

Key Advantages

1. You can use it with a wide range of personnel. It's simple to install and works like gangbusters, whether your team is tall, short, fast or slow.
2. You can double team more aggressively, without leaving players unguarded
3. You can more easily control the tempo of the game... speed up or slow down the action to press your advantage, or hide your weakness.
4. It keeps your taller players under the basket, so they're in optimal rebounding position at all times.
5. It keeps your guards and wings on the perimeter, making it faster and easier to start your fast break.
6. You can protect players in foul trouble, unlike traditional man to man sets, which expose your defenders to isolation plays, and make them more vulnerable to fouling out.
7. You can shut down the paint, and force opponents to score from outside. Teams who can't consistently make the three will have a very difficult time scoring against you.
8. Many teams don't know HOW to attack a match-up zone. It looks like a man to man one second, then a zone defense the next... confusing and frustrating for your opponents!

How To Install a Matchup Zone With Your Team

If you'd like to install a matchup zone yourself, then check out this new 2-part online video clinic: "Matchup Pressure Zone Defense."

The first video segment is 50 minutes long, and gives you an easy step by step formula for installing the defense with your own team, from start to finish.

You'll learn the correct positioning, reads, and rotations for the four key configurations: 2-3, 1-1-3, 1-3-1 and 3-2. For each configuration, the video uses on-court player demos, showing you how to defend against common offensive alignments and tactics, including:

How to close out on shooters
How to front the low post
How to defend baseline runners
How to defend the flare screen
How to defend the high post
How to defend the 1-4 low set
How to defend the 1-2-2 set
How to defend the 1-3-1 set
How to stop penetration into the lane

And a lot more.

The second video segment is 51 minutes long, and covers the 13 critical drills for developing and refining your matchup zone. Here's a small sample of what you'll learn…

How to develop a rock-solid defensive stance, precise footwork, and razor sharp agility with a unique "Memory Vision" routine. This drill transforms weak, slow-moving "giraffes" into lightning fast "cheetahs."
How to infuse the "habit of hustle" into every player on your squad.
A wickedly effective new training tool (popularized by the Portland Trailblazers) that "overloads" your players on defense, building superior lower body strength and endurance. So your kids can play harder, longer, and with more intensity.
A simple defensive adjustment that immediately disrupts the passing lanes.
The best way to improve your defenders' anticipation and foot quickness.
The #1 defensive responsibility of a basketball coach. Do this right and your kids will have a MASSIVE competitive advantage.
Individual defense: How to stop penetration by cutting a ballhandler in half, beating him to the spot and turning him away from the vulnerable areas of the court.
A unique "Air Dummy" drill that reminds your players to maintain a proper defensive stance. Your players will get a real kick out of this one…
How to encourage more communication on the defense end, so your players always know where their teammates are, who they're covering, and what they're doing next… and your matchup zone runs like a well-oiled machine!
The nine spots on the court your zone HAS to properly defend. These are the traditional "weak spots" other teams will use to attack your defense… but you can stifle their strategy (and shut down their offensive production) when you follow these simple instructions!
Breakdown sessions for low post zone defense and perimeter zone defense. Learn the specific skill requirements and coaching cues for each position on the court.
A 35-second "Predator" drill that trains your kids to aggressively get after the ball and force your opponents into bad decisions

And much more.

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