"The Astonishing
The Highest Scoring
Team In


It's an exciting new strategy known as "The Grinnell System" ... and coaches across the country are now calling it their new secret weapon!

The Best Part: You can implement this system with ANY team at ANY age level... starting today... no matter how much you're struggling to score right now!

From: Coach Pat Anderson

To: My Most Favored "e-Hotlist" member

Dear Coach,

You're about to discover an incredible new way to approach the game of basketball.

I'm serious!

It's a shocking new breakthrough in coaching strategy that scores points like CRAZY. And - it's easy for ANY team to use… even if your kids are short, slow, or inexperienced.

Best of all, it gets every player involved and contributing to the team… and having an absolute BLAST on the court.

And you can learn it all for yourself

For FREE If You Want!

This is the "secret weapon" behind the highest scoring team in basketball.

Yep. I'm talking about Coach David Arsenault and the Grinnell College Pioneers.

In case you haven't been paying attention, Grinnell has been lighting up their competition for the past 17 years.

They've averaged more than 113 points per game… captured 13 NCAA scoring titles… and won 4 MWC conference championships.

Maybe you read about them in Sports Illustrated… or saw them featured on ABC or ESPN… where some of the country's top basketball analysts gushed over their exciting and innovative style of play.

Or, maybe you heard about one of the 35 different scoring records they've shattered.

Like the time their shooting guard hit 19 threes and scored 77 points in a single game.

Or when their point guard racked up 34 assists in one magical afternoon…

Or that incredible stretch in 2002-2003 when they scored over 100 points in 28 STRAIGHT games.

Oh… did I mention this is a Division 3 team in the "middle of nowhere," Iowa… with NO scholarship athletes?

And that Arsenault has a "no-cut" policy… and plays up to 17 different kids in each and every game?

Is This Some Kind Of
Basketball "Freak Show?"

Not at all.

While Arsenault's style of play might send some "basketball purists" into a babbling fit… the strategy is totally legit… and the results speak for themselves.

Even better, it's an easy formula for success that ANY team can use to unleash a stunning barrage of offensive firepower... no matter how much you're struggling to score right now. 


For starters, you try to get up 100 shots per game… with at least HALF of those as three-pointers. If you're open… jack it up ideally within the first 12 seconds of the shot clock.
You also train your kids to crash the boards like a pack of crazed bloodhounds. And, on defense, run an intense full-court trapping press from the opening tip-off... right through to the final buzzer.
You'll need to keep your players' legs fresh. So you can use "hockey-style" 5-man line substitutions, with every kid on the team getting in the game at least once.

What Other Coaches
Are Saying...

"Your system has been an incredible boost to our team. We accomplish more in a limited amount of practice time. our players ballhandling skills are 100 better times than before, and the scoring percentage has increased by 25%.

Using your drills and some of the fun activities in the plan have taught our players to trust each other and to talk to each other on the court making the defense more effective. Having your plans is like having another coach on our bench."

John Duffy
Coach of 6th Grade Boys
St. Leo's School
Elmwood Park, NJ

Can you imagine how much FUN your team will have with this system?

Imagine scoring over 100 points every time your team touches the floor… forcing turnovers at will… and raining down a non-stop barrage of threes that no one in your league will be able to stop.

It's a Player's DREAM!

Your kids will LOVE the freedom it gives them… and they'll work harder and play smarter than you ever imagined before.

You'll be confident including all your players in all your games too. Think of how good it'll feel to make each one of them feel important, valued, and relied upon.

And it really IS simple too.

You don't need any coaching experience to implement this system with your team. And your kids don't need to be fast… or tall… or athletic at all.

But here's the thing: I can't possibly explain how to run "The Grinnell System" in a written letter. It's like trying to teach you how to ride a bike by reading an owner's manual.

I'd just screw it up. You've got to SEE what I'm talking about to understand it.

So I just spent some big-time dough to get Coach Arsenault in front of the cameras with tape rolling. The result is an astonishing 2-part online video clinic that's now available for members of my basketball e-hotlist.

It explains everything you need to use this strategy with your own team… and boy-oh-boy are you gonna love it.

Let's take this down to brass tacks.

The first video in the online clinic covers the offensive side of the system, including specific player responsibilities… all-new skill building drills… and loads of simple tips for getting the ball up the court quickly for a wide open shot.

Here are some more details on what's included:


How to get your team to "buy in" to this style of basketball. It takes just one practice if you follow these instructions…
How to beat your opponent down the floor and get an easy, high percentage shot up in any situation. We'll cover what to do after being scored on… after a defensive rebound…after a referee handle and after a live turnover.
How to structure your season so that your players get the right amount of rest… and peak exactly when you want them to (right when other teams are starting to fade and suffer injuries).
The most important quality to look for in your point guards (dramatically improves your chances of winning).
A simple scout-proof "trick" that keeps your opponents off-balance and confused (even if you've played them several times before!)
How to use "playing groups" and "shifts" to keep your kids fresh and alert throughout an entire game (plus: how to select and prepare "specialist groups" to dominate key game situations).
How to teach your players to quickly recognize and respond to either a zone or man-to-man defense. (Plus- the #1 zone offense mistake coaches make… stop it now and do this instead).
How to encourage your players to "make their teammates better shooters" by changing their style of play and basketball mentality.
Brand new "basketball geometry" that immediately gets your team wide open 3 pointers and lay-ups (this is the bread and butter of "The System's" success).
The best way to condition your players for the up-tempo physical demands of "The System" (ensures you have the 5 most fit athletes on the court at all times- no matter who you're playing).

And a lot more.

The second video covers the defensive side of the system. It's jam-packed with simple techniques and strategies for attacking your opponents with a smothering pressure defense… and forcing boatloads of turnovers (even if you've never pressed before!)

Here's a taste of what you'll learn: 


How to "light a fire of aggression" in your players and watch them out hustle top teams game in and game out (even if they're totally lazy right now).
Why the first 7 seconds of all defensive possessions are the most critical time periods in the game.
The most common offensive formations you'll see… and exactly how to exploit their weaknesses for an easy steal. You'll discover the secrets to defending against a 1-4 set… a 1-3-1 set… a 1-2-2 set… and more!
How to force your opponents to make long, cross court inbounds passes. "Oh-so-easy" to pick off and get a quick basket at the offensive end.
What your players should do if they get beat off the dribble (this may surprise you!)
A little known trapping secret that practically forces your opponents to cough up the ball after a sideline inbound.
What to do when your opponent tries to slow the game down. This simple "secret" increases the tempo back to where you want it… and immediately gets your team a quick scoring opportunity.
How to defend after a missed shot. Your kids will NEVER stand around and watch, they'll instinctively know where they need to be and what they need to do.
Exactly how long you should wait before each "shift" substitution.
How to train your team to communicate effectively on defense. Makes it TEN times easier to set up traps, give weak-side help, and switch on screens.

And much, much more. 


What Other Coaches
Are Saying...

"Our team went from having a four win season to going 18-4! Thanksgiving Preseason Champs, Runner up in the League Championship, & The Elementary Citywide Champs! Your system made my practices easy to run & gave the players skills to use in game time situations."

Willie Warren
Johnsontown Road Elementary
Louisville, Kentucky

Here's what's really cool. You can be watching these videos

In Just 90 Seconds!

After your order is processed, you'll be taken right over to your secure "online video clinic" download page.. where you can instantly access all the material.

You can stream the videos over your Internet connection… or, you can save them to your computer and watch 'em any time.

You can even bring your laptop into practice and have your players watch these drills for themselves!

Bottom line: Once you're in… you're IN. Registering for this online clinic gets you complete access to everything.

Which means

You Can Watch The Videos
As Many Times As You Want!

There are no time limits… no hassles… and no pressure. You learn everything on your own schedule.

Click here to place your secure order now! "The Grinnell System" is totally flexible and easy to adapt to any type of team.

You can go all-out and use Arsenault's strategies from top to bottom.

Or, if you prefer, just pick and choose a few drills and plays to incorporate into your existing approach.

If you need help with your transition game… then get ready to run a dazzling fast break that will light up the scoreboard... and make other coaches gasp with amazement… game in and game out.

If you want to work on your full court press… you're just moments away from discovering the simple secrets to perfectly timed traps and devastating defensive intensity.

If your team is having trouble scoring with consistency… you'll be transformed into an offensive powerhouse... practically overnight. You'll start putting up 100 points a game… without breaking a sweat… as consistent and automatic as watching the sun rise.

And if you need help competing against those "elite" teams in your league… "The Grinnell System" will bring your competition to their knees.

It's thrilling to have your game at this level.

And it's astonishing how fast and easy this stuff is to master.

And what you learn will STICK too. Everything is explained with simple step by step instructions and breakdown drills that are easy to learn at home... and take right to practice.

 What's A Resource Like This Worth? 


What Other Coaches
Are Saying...

"I believe the biggest reason coaches fail is we get set in our ways, these drills were easy to understand, and help us add new ways of teaching the same skills."

Dan DiFrancesco
Head Girl's Basketball Coach
St. Anthony of Padua

Well… Coach Arsenault is now one of the hottest speakers on the basketball circuit. Youth, high school, college… even pro coaches are lining up to learn about his system, and paying top dollar for the privilege.

To see him live, you'd probably have to fly to Las Vegas and attend one of those high-priced 2-day coaching clinics.

By the time you add up your clinic fees… travel… hotel… food... (not to mention the usual Vegas entertainment)… you'd be shelling out $850.00 or more.

But you can access this online clinic for much, much less.

The price is just $99. But that's for the general public. As one of my "hotlist" members, you're getting a fresh clean $30 off the top. So it's just $69 for both videos (or 3 monthly payments of $25).

That's a killer deal. Less than what it costs for a nice dinner and a movie with your lady. Click here to place your secure order now!

We use the highest standard encryption and secure shopping technologies... and your personal information will NEVER be shared without your permission.

And the only way to get in on this is through this special "hidden web page." (Please don't pass this link to anyone else. Again, this is for my hotlist only).

Here's why this is REALLY a no-brainer.

If you order today, you're also backed up by my iron clad...



No Risk,
No Hassle
200% Guarantee…
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That means you can order this entire clinic package, watch the videos, master all the secrets, and use the "Grinnell System" for 2 whole months.

And if these techniques don't  launch your team to the top of your league's standings... and you don't see an IMMEDIATE and DRAMATIC improvement in the way your kids play... simply send me an email, and you'll be rushed a complete and total refund of your purchase price.

And here's the 200% part…

You Can Still Keep All
The Material For Free!

That's how confident I am that this stuff will blow your mind and completely transform your team. Click here to order now!

Just close your eyes and think about it how good this is gonna feel:

...Shooting the lights out and scoring 100 points or more every game.

...Racking up win after win against the toughest teams in your league.

...And watching every player on your squad laugh and grin with delight.

It can all be yours when you try out the Grinnell System today. Click here to place your secure order now!

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The first bonus is an online video clinic called "3 Point License." It's 23 minutes long... and jam-packed with 13 killer 3-point shooting drills and coaching tips... all demonstrated with easy instructions.

You'll discover how to train your players to knock down shots coming off screens... spotting up... in transition... in a half court set... against man to man... and against zone.

This is like super-charging your game with "rocket fuel." Every kid on your team will become a lights-out 3 point shooter... and you'll be nailing long range bombs from every spot on the floor.


The second bonus is called the Grinnell System "Quick Start Guide."

It's a fast-reference "cheat sheet" you can pop right onto your coaching clipboard... and includes all the "insider" tips and tricks you'll need to introduce this system to your team.

You'll get all the details behind Arsenault's own formula for success... with easy ways to adjust his system for the youth and high school levels.

There's even a built-in Stat Sheet and Substitution Planner, so you can keep track of critical stats, set your playing lineups, and make sure your squad is running the System properly.

So it's all here.

The drills and plays you need to run this System with your team. The 3-point shooting tips that will inject your players with massive offensive firepower.

And a "cheat sheet" with all the little reminders and tools you'll need to run everything smoothly at your first few practices and games.

Ready to place your order? Just choose your payment option by clicking one of the 2 buttons below... and get ready to launch yourself into a lifetime of coaching success!



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Yours for better coaching,

Coach Pat Anderson

PS - Okay… just a recap. Click here to order now and you'll get instant access to:

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PPS - Even though this video package is guaranteed to boost your offensive production like nothing else on the planet... I know from past experience that only around 1 coach in 10 will actually take me up on this offer.

Although that's okay from a "business" standpoint, it still really bothers me personally.

You see, I KNOW how incredibly effective these techniques are… and how quickly your team will improve when you try them out for yourself.

I've read the emails and letters from coaches who swear by it… I've talked to them on the phone… and I've heard their stories in person at live clinics and events.

And dozens of them have told me that "this system has totally transformed their team."

So I just HATE the thought of someone not investing in this program because I failed to explain everything fully… or left some important point out.

That's why I held a special brainstorming session with a group of basketball experts last night... just to try to figure out why you might say "no" to this risk free offer. After an hour of serious digging, we could only think of 3 possible excuses.

Here they are.

EXCUSE #1: "My team isn't athletic enough to do this"

Check out Grinnell's roster in that video at the top of this letter. See anyone with blazing speed or a 42-inch vertical? I didn't think so.

The truth is... you DON'T need to run fast or jump high to play this style of basketball. It's all about being aggressive on defense... being unselfish with the ball on offense... and pushing it up the court at every opportunity.

This online clinic will show you exactly what drills to use in practice... and exactly how to execute these strategies in real game-time situations. And it's all explained in a simple and easy way... so you can start using this stuff right away. Tonight if you want. Click here to get started now!

EXCUSE #2: "I don't have enough good 3 point shooters"

While you don't need to stack your team with shooters to make this system work... it certainly does help. That's why we added the "3 Point License" video to the package as a free bonus.

Inside, you'll discover how to develop an "army" of confident 3 point shooters who are comfortable knocking down shots from anywhere on the court (even in tight game situations).

There's even a quick and easy daily workout plan for your shooters to take home and practice on their own. So your team will be draining "treys" like crazy in no time flat... no matter how much you're struggling to score right now.

What are you waiting for? Click here to place your secure order now...

EXCUSE #3: "It's too unorthodox for me"

Believe me - I understand where you're coming from. It can be a bit intimidating to step "outside of the box" and try something that's so different and unusual.

But let me tell you... if you insist on sticking with the same tired old drills and plays, and never teaching your kids the TRUE secrets to basketball success, you can look forward to more of the SAME frustrations that the majority of youth and high school coaches face.

More boring practices... more frustrating losses... more kids complaining about their playing time... and more stress in your coaching job.

But there IS a better way.

You can make this investment in your team today… install these skills at your next practice… then sit back and watch (with a HUGE smile on your face), while your team lights up the scoreboards in each and every game.

It's simple. It's natural. And - once you discover these secrets - it's as easy as chewing gum.

Remember, you can learn the entire system… then try out these techniques for a full SIXTY days to see if they work as well as I've promised. And if you're not 100% happy for any reason (or no reason at all), just email me and I'll refund your full payment with no hassles and no questions asked.

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