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From: Coach Pat Anderson

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Practical, Easy... And They Worked!

"Zeroes in on what the kids need at this stage. Practical, easy, and they worked! Makes it easy to run an organized fast paced, and fun practice."

Coach Rick Mitukiewicz
RIA Connect
Brick, NJ


Undefeated! Rotary League Champions!

"Your system is easy to follow, and included great ways to teach fundamentals. The kids love all the different drills. We went undefeated and won the Rotary League championship!"

Alejandro Burciaga
Oxnard, CA


"From 4-20 to 14-10!"

“My team went from a record of 4-20 to an amazing 14-10 this season. Your tactics helped me to become more focused and allowed my team to experience more variety in practice, thus keeping everyone more interested in what was going on."

Patrick Alexander
GVC Zodiacs
Winkler, MB Canada


"22-9, A Major Improvement"

"Our record was 22-9. This was a major improvement over last year."

Denis Kirkley
Williams Vikings,
2A-North Champion
Wiliams, Arizona

Dear Coach,

  ave you ever wondered how much easier the game would be if you could get an easy layup whenever you wanted?

What if you could just snap your fingers and - magically - the ball appeared in your best shooter's hands for a wide open three-pointer?

 What if you wiggled your nose... and your opponent's defense would suddenly part like the Red Sea… and your point guard could just prance into the lane for an easy two?

And what if this basketball "wizardry" worked against any type of defense… man-to-man or zone?

Wouldn't that be cool?

If you answered "yes" to any of those questions, then listen up.

What I'm about to tell you is gonna rock your world… and make you one of the happiest coaches on the planet.

I'm talking about 20 all-new offensive plays that are guaranteed to work like gangbusters for your team, no matter how much you're struggling to score right now!

This is an amazing collection of hard-core, "ninja-level" techniques that are simple to teach, FUN to execute, and will quickly make you

The Envy Of Every
Coach In Your League!

Here's what's really cool.

  You don't need a million years of coaching experience
  You don't need a team stacked with hotshot athletes
  You don't need to spend hours studying complicated playbooks

And best of all. you don't need to spend any money.

You can learn all of the plays

For FREE If You Want!

It's all included inside this incredible 2-part online video clinic called "Basketball's Best Plays."

Your instructor is Coach Bob Ociepka… 19 year NBA veteran with the Bulls, Timberwolves, 76ers and Pistons... and known around the country as an absolute "wizard" of half court offense.

Over his career, Ociepka has studied thousands of hours of basketball game footage… analyzing and testing hundreds of different plays and sets run by top NBA teams.

For this one of a kind video, we forced Bob to give us a "short-list" of his best plays for youth and high school coaches.

We tossed out anything that was difficult to understand.

Or anything that required extra athleticism... or lots of experience... or any kind of extraordinary skill.

And in the end, we had an amazing collection of the finest plays ever recorded on video.

The first part is called "10 Killer Plays vs Man to Man."


Here's what you'll get inside

A clever little play used by the San Antonio Spurs that sets up your power forward for a mismatch in the post. (find it at 1:21 of the video)
How to free up your best shooter for a wide open jumper using a simple “Detroit” option. This one play alone is EASILY worth the price of the package! (3:59)
A “Pick the Picker” play invented by Utah Jazz coach Jerry Sloan that's simple for any youth or high school team to run (8:45)
How to isolate your best 1 on 1 player to attack the basket using an astonishingly effective “Kobe” play stolen from the LA Lakers playbook (9:50)

The “Detroit Action” method to getting your shooting guard open for an easy 15-footer from the top of the key. It's...

Easy To Do... Once You
Know The Secrets!

A never-before-seen “Double Pick and Roll” play pioneered by the Dallas Mavericks. Works GREAT if you have a big man who can drain the long jumper (14:10)
A quick hitter “Full Court Wedge” play (used by the Bulls) that’s PERFECT for late game situations (15:31)
Got a quick point guard? Try this Phoenix “Hammer” action play for quick fast break layup. The other team won’t know what hit ‘em! (17:12)
How to get a wide open 3-pointer off a sideline inbounds play. (works like a charm… no matter how much you’re struggling to score right now!) (18:28)
Kevin Garnett’s favorite baseline inbounds play – gets your power forward an uncontested layup nearly every time! (19:30)

Part 2 features Will Rey, former NCAA Division 1 coach at Loyola, St. Mary's, and Wilmington.

Inside, you'll discover 10 astonishingly effective plays versus zone defense… including specific roles and responsibilities for each position… how to read and react to the defense… and loads of simple "tweaks" and tricks to dramatically boost your offensive firepower.


Here's what you'll learn inside "10 Killer Plays vs Zone Defense"...

An “Aces” set that frees your 5-man up for an easy lob over TOP of the zone. Best part – if they collapse into the key to defend the lob… you get a wide open three in the corner! (find this play at 1:31)
An incredibly effective “Spartans” attack that overloads the zone… and leaves defenders confused and scrambling to get into position. The result: more easy buckets than you can shake a stick at… even if your kids can barely make a layup right now! (4:55) 
The best zone offense to use against an aggressive team that denies the wings (8:23)
A little-known “St. Louis” set gives you an IMMEDIATE competitive advantage against any team in your league. (You’ll want to keep this one a secret!) (9:22) 
How to crack a 2-3 zone using a staggered double screen across the top of the key. (plus… specific tips on the best way to set screens against a zone – it’s NOT the same as setting screens in man to man!) (11:14)

A mega-versatile play (called “X”) that will eat up any type of zone for breakfast. Use this one against a 3-2… 1-2-2… 2-3… even a 1-3-1… 

You'll Be Amazed At How
EASY It Is To Score!

A simple “Trojans” attack that forces the zone to shift to one side of the floor… then quickly counters back to the opposite side for an uncontested shot or layup (opposing coaches will be pulling their hair out in frustration after you execute this incredible play!) (15:28)
Which zone attack to run when you want to get your post player involved (18:00) 
A cool little “2-man front” secret that automatically exploits the weaknesses of your opponent… and absolutely murders any type of 3-2 zone (20:33)
A “can’t miss” zone inbounds play that’s guaranteed to get you an easy basket from the baseline (23:11) 

Here's what's really cool. You can be learning all 20 plays…

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Both videos are delivered to you in a simple to use "online video clinic" format. You can watch everything right over your computer screen as soon as your order is securely processed.

Not a techno-wiz. No problem.

You'll get clear directions that walk you through every step of the simple process.

There's no waiting for the mailman to deliver your material, no fancy programs are needed, and you'll be able to watch and learn from anywhere in the WORLD that has Internet access.

Plus, there are no time limits or schedules to follow. You can watch the videos whenever you want… and as many times as you want… right over your computer screen!

Pretty sweet, right?

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And you get instant access to 20 all-new, stunningly effective plays that are super-simple to learn and easy to teach to your kids.

The whole thing is just 49 minutes long. And there's no beating around the bush here…. and no complicated "coach-speak."

Everything is broken down in plain English for regular folks like you and me.

So you can learn this stuff in less time than it takes to watch an episode of CSI Miami… and be running these plays with your team at your very next practice.

Even better, you don't risk a penny because I'm covering everything with my own checkbook, meaning that you get a…


No Risk,
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That means you can order this entire clinic package, watch the videos, master all the secrets, and use the plays for 2 whole months.

And if these techniques don't   launch your team to the top of your league's standings... and you don't  see an IMMEDIATE and DRAMATIC improvement in the way your kids play... simply send me an email, and you'll be rushed a complete and total refund   of your purchase price.

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How can I offer this insane "see it for free" deal? That's just how powerful these plays are… and how confident I am that they'll work for your team.

But this deal does have "limits." It's only being offered to my most favored clients and personal friends, and you'll NEVER see this offer in any basketball magazines or on other websites.

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This Is Like A Gift
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All 20 plays have been proven to work like crazy with teams at all levels… from Bitty Ball… to Junior High… to High School… College… even the Pros.

And whether you're an experienced coach, a total newbie, or just a regular basketball "Mom" or "Dad" … you'll be thrilled at how fun and easy they are to implement with your own team.

By this time next week, your kids will be lighting up the scoreboards with ease… and having more FUN on the court than you ever imagined before. And your fellow coaches will be blown away with your incredible offensive execution.

But only if you click here and secure your slot now.


Coach Pat Anderson

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