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Desk of: Coach Pat Anderson

Dear Coach,

If you reached this page, you probably just checked out my coaching blog or became a fan of my site on Facebook.

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hand Video Clinic #1: "Coaching Philosophy - Cycle of Achievement"
hand Video Clinic #2: "Practice and Game Management - Gaining The Edge"
hand Video Clinic #3: "Offensive Spacing"
hand Video Clinic #4: "Offensive Sets"
hand Video Clinic #5: "Defensive Tactics"

And if that's not enough to convince you... you'll also get these 5 EXCLUSIVE bonuses for FREE!

hand Bonus #1: "Special Situations" ($39 value)
hand Bonus #2: "17 Laws of Basketball Offense" ($19 value)
hand Bonus #3: "11 Laws of Basketball Defense" ($19 value)
hand Bonus #4: "Practice Planning Formula" ($19 value)
hand  Bonus #5: "The Basketball Coaching Bible" ($19 value)

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Want to unlock the secrets to
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"2-Time NBA Coach of The Year Exposes The Championship Proven Basketball Coaching Tactics and Strategies Anyone Can Use To Dominate Your League And Blow Your Competition Out of The Gym!"


Hubie BrownFinally Revealed! After Winning 528 Pro Basketball Games, Two NBA Coach of The Year Awards, and Being Inducted Into The Basketball Hall of Fame, This 74 Year Old Legend Breaks His Silence To Reveal A Simple, Natural, and Amazingly Effective Basketball Coaching System That Literally Forces Your Team To Play Harder and Smarter Than You Ever Thought Possible...

No Matter What Age Level You Coach, How Much Experience You Have, Or How Much Size or "Natural Skill" Your Kids Possess!

Desk of: Coach Pat Anderson
Monday, 11:41 AM

Dear Coach,

 f rom here on out... other basketball teams are gonna get real quiet when your squad walks into the gym (and opposing coaches are gonna turn beet-red and accidentally swallow their whistles).  

Real respectful-like.

In awe.

They won't want to get your kids riled up - and they'll desperately pray that you'll "take it easy on 'em" just this once.

Would you like to make that happen? 

Then lock the door, take the phone off the hook, grab a mug of your favorite beverage... and read every single word of this letter.

Throughout my entire coaching career, I've been searching for a magic "key" -- a simple system to organize my practices, guide my coaching philosophy, manage my playbook, and help me navigate through important in-game tactical decisions.

But I have one huge limitation:  It has to be fun, dead simple, and easy to understand.

I have the attention span of a 4 year old at a waterpark... and I don't have the time (or energy) to struggle through material that's boring or complicated.

That's why I'm thrilled to tell you about a new "tell-all" coaching resource from basketball "Jedi Master" and hoops pioneer Hubie Brown.

Who is Hubie Brown?  You might have heard of his incredible turnaround story with the Memphis Grizzlies -- taking over a dismal 28-46 team and transforming them into a 50-win powerhouse just one season later.

Or maybe you read about him receiving NBA Coach of the Year Honors in BOTH 1978 AND 2004 (yes - he's been around that long!)

Or you might have seen him on TV as the lead analyst for the NBA Finals on TNT and ABC... where his ability to break down complex basketball situations and explain them in simple detail is legendary.

But don't take it from me.  Listen to what these basketball greats have to say about Coach Brown:

"Hubie Brown has had a profound impact on the game of basketball. While his accomplishments on the court and in the booth are well-known, Brown is perhaps most appreciated for his coaching clinics. Rarely has any man enjoyed teaching the game the way Brown does. He is a gift to basketball - a man with an amazing knowledge of the game who loves to teach it to anyone who will listen."

stevekerrSteve Kerr
5 Time NBA Champion (96, 97, 98, 99, 03)
Highest 3PT FG % in NBA History
General Manager, Phoenix Suns

"Hubie Brown is the world's greatest basketball clinician. Watching him is like seeing Fred Astaire dance for the first time, you get goose bumps. He is the best clinician living, dead or yet to be born."

garfinkelHoward Garfinkel
Founder, Five Star Basketball Camp
Author of 2 Best-Selling Basketball Coaching Books

I could go on and on about Hubie's credentials - how he was enshrined into the Basketball Hall of Fame in 2003... or how he's taught hundreds of coaching clinics across the US, Europe, and Asia for over 31 years.

But I think you get the idea -- so let's get back to the purpose of this letter.

Not too long ago, in an undisclosed gym location tucked away in northern Illinois, an event happened that turned the world of basketball coaching on its ear.

Eleven of the country's most promising youth and high school coaches were selected to take part in Hubie Brown's first (and last) "Basketball Coaching Boot Camp."

A gruelling 2-day closed-door session where

Coach Brown Spilled His Guts

... and revealed all of his secrets - including his patented practice planning system, playbook, and game management tactics.

Okay - chances are you weren't one of those lucky coaches. So, what's this got to do with you?

Plenty... if you're interested in a SIMPLE, natural and easy-to-learn coaching system that will have you running roughshod over your competition with a surgically precise offensive attack and mauling pressure defense.


If you're a new coach looking for tips to get the most out of your time in the gym... then Hubie's practice planning strategies will have your team zipping through drills like greased lightning, dramatically improving their skills and having loads of fun while your practice runs on "auto-pilot"...

(and you look like an experienced pro).

And if you're an veteran coach looking for a leg up on your competition, Hubie's championship proven playbook, game preparation tactics and sports-psychology techniques will get your team working harder and playing smarter than they ever have before.

Bottom line - if you've been praying for an honest SHORT-CUT to winning more basketball games, improving your players and finally getting the respect you deserve as a coach...

This Is It!

Here's the deal: The entire 2-day Boot Camp was recorded, edited, and boiled down to an amazing "learn-it-fast" package that I recently got my hands on.

And when I shared this material with a handful of coaches on my newsletter... and was overwhelmed with the mammoth response to Hubie's coaching system, I KNEW this was something that every serious coach (or serious beginner) deserved to have.

Here's what coaches just like you are saying:


From: Daniel Valerieemail
To: coachpatanderson@gmail.com


Coach Pat:

I hate to but I want to add to your growing e-mail regarding the very informative videos by Hubie Brown.

I am a huge fan of Hubie and always listen very closely to his broadcasts when he does them. They are clinics within themselves if you listen very carefully to how he breaks down the action of a game.

I have several of his tapes and they have had a great influence in my philosophy and coaching strategy. I know other coaches as well as myself are very excited about getting more information and tips from these videos, since most of us are now preparing for our basketball seasons.

Great job and very timely. Thanks.

Daniel B.


From: Val Valerieemail
To: coachpatanderson@gmail.com


Coach Pat,

I really liked the videos, I coach grade school girls and my experience is from playing high school basketball a long time ago, and reading some books.

It is very helpful for the videos because they are easy to understand. I want to be sure that I am teaching my girls the right things for when they move on to high school, so that they can reach their full potential.
Thanks again for the opportunity to learn!
Val R.


From: Darren Vddaalerieemail
To: coachpatanderson@gmail.com


Hey Coach!
This was a great set of instructional videos. I really like how direct and concise Coach Brown makes them; short and simple teaching points make it easy to repeat in practice. I'm hoping to try some of these at our next practice.

Darren T.


From: Todd Valerieemail
To: coachpatanderson@gmail.com


Hey Pat,

I have found the videos to be excellent. Being a coach that was not a player and has been learning the game while I learn to coach, these types of videos are great.

The instruction is direct, easy to follow, well explained.  Perfect amount of visual.


Todd K.


From: Raul Valerieil
To: coachpatanderson@gmail.com


Hi Pat,

This is great stuff. I just started coaching 3rd-4th and 5th-6th grade boys and 7th grade girls.

This reduces the learning curve for new coaches like myself.

Raul H.


From: Robert Vdfdsaerieil
To: coachpatanderson@gmail.com


The Hubie Brown videos are amazing.


Coach Bob.


From: Gary Vdfdsaerieil
To: coachpatanderson@gmail.com


Hi Pat,

You have improved my coaching ability dramatically. I have COACHED AT THE YOUTH & Rec. LEVEL FOR MANY YEARS.

However, the last 3 years have been at the AAU level for young women.

I thought I knew the game pretty well but after receiving much of your information I realized I have only just scratched the surface about coaching. Thanks for all you have done.

I love the new Coach Brown basketball videos - extremely informative & easy to comprehend.

Keep up the great work. Thanks again.

Gary M.


From: Nick Vdfderieil
To: coachpatanderson@gmail.com


Coach Pat,
The Hubie Brown videos are great. An invaluable tool from a great coach. Like being at his clinic. 

Nick S.


From: George Vdfdsaerieil
To: coachpatanderson@gmail.com


Hi Coach Anderson,

Thank you for providing access to these Hubie Brown videos!

These were very useful, because of his straight forward approach to B'ball concepts, along with his obvious enthusiasm for the game. He gets down to the meat and potatoes of what works, without a lot of fluff.


That's why this should help our B'ball team. Solid structured, organized practices without the timeframe mysteries should help maintain focus, and with the content by a two time NBA Coach of the Year, how can you go wrong?

George L.


From: Bob Vdddfdsaerieil
To: coachpatanderson@gmail.com


Great tapes. Super job of using simple language and demonstration. As a coach you want to keep everything easy (Kiss Theory: keep it simple stupid.)

You want your players reacting to the situation and not to beTHINKING it through. We don't want Paralysis because of Analysis!

Bob S.


As you can see, Hubie's techniques work for all kinds of teams... girls... boys... Bitty-Ball... AAU... high school... rec league and competitive.

And coach after coach wrote in to express their amazement at how simple, natural, and amazingly effective this system is.

It's like a step by step roadmap for basketball success... which anyone can follow, whether you're a complete newbie or an experienced veteran.

And today, you can access this entire package and learn all of Hubie's secrets,

Without Risking A Penny!

Back to the purpose of this letter...

Hubie Brown's Basketball Coaching Boot Camp contains 6 full-length online video clinics that are jam-packed with meaty content, plus 4 special reports to drive home key concepts and accelerate your learning curve.

Over 5 hours and 25 minutes of wall-to-wall basketball coaching gold that you can access today, with the click of a mouse button.

The first video is called "Cycle of Achievement". Inside, Hubie reveals his proven process for developing a winning coaching philosophy.

Why do we cover this first?

Simple - because many coaches overlook this crucial step and pay a heavy price for it...

Poor sportsmanship, attitude problems, commitment issues - all these things happen because coaches failed to define and communicate their philosophy to the team.

Video Clinic #1

"The Cycle of Achievement - Coaching Philosophy"



Click Play to watch a sample red-arrow-04_R

Here's a small sample of what you'll discover...

How to increase practice intensity with a simple "timing" trick
Why reading your players eyes can instantly tell you if they're struggling with off-the-court issues (and how to make sure this doesn't hurt their performance)
3 traits that separate high achieving teams from the rest of the pack
How to handle behavior issues, break down attitude problems, and prevent "problem players" from becoming a cancer
The 5 step "Basketball Coaching Bible": a clearly defined set of rules thats puts your team into a winning frame of mind
Need to make a shot to win the big game? Hubie reveals the 4 traits any basketball "closer" MUST possess.
Why you should NEVER create a rule you're not going to enforce (and why 8 out of 10 coaches make this costly mistake)
The 5 factors that prevent players from reaching their potential
How to confuse your opponent on the last play of the game with a simple psychological trick. This "sneaky" tactic will completely break down their offensive attack and have them virtually handing the ball over to your defense on a silver platter!
4 strategies to win with less talent
The biggest mistake coaches make when watching game tape. And why this classic blunder will knock your players out faster than a fistful of sleeping pills (and kill your video session)
3 techniques for managing a star player... how to balance his or her ego with the needs of the team
Your coaching style should be a reflection of not only YOUR personality... but also your TEAM's. Hubie walks you through a simple process to create a coaching style that increases your team's chances for success
How to use “personal presence” to command respect from your team, motivate your players, and intimidate your opponents
The simple secret to team goal setting - and how to use this little-known trick to keep your athletes focused and motivated
The 4 critical coaching aides any serious coach must own
How to choose assistant coaches that will help your team improve (and how to avoid 3 common pitfalls when making this decision)

And much, much more.

The next step in line is Practice and Game Management.

These techniques are the lifeblood of your basketball coaching strategy. It's the framework for how you take your coaching philosophy and implement it with your team.

Inside "Gaining The Edge", Hubie reveals his complete team management system (including a few sneaky practice planning "tricks" and often overlooked opportunities that will knock your socks off!)

Video Clinic #2

"Gaining The Edge - Practice and Game Management"


Click Play to watch a sample red-arrow-04_R

Here's just a small sample of the tips and techniques you'll discover:

The single most important thing you can do to gain the respect of your players.  This simple technique will have them busting their butts for your complete 2 hour practice... then thanking you at the end!

The 3 keys to forming excellent practice habits (and how these simple strategies give you a massive competitive advantage over your competition)

A step by step strategy for season practice planning… from pre-season to playoffs, we’ll take you through a proven practice schedule

The 7 practice blocks to structure your schedule. Hubie reveals his patented formula, including how much time to spend on warmups, shooting, defense, offense, fast break, pressure drills and special situations

Why you should never finish a practice drill with a miss

WARNING! If you're not teaching these 2 things to every player on your team - you're not fulfilling your responsibility as a coach!
The "sweat puddle" test that instantly tells you how effective your team meetings are
Players retain 81% of what they see, but only 11% of what they hear. You’ll discover how to take advantage of this proven fact to improve your timeouts and in game coaching strategy
The simple 4 step formula for correcting player mistakes
The right way to conduct your end of season meeting (you’ll learn how your teaching skills, organizational skills, actions under pressure, and offseason program stacked up vs. your players expectations... without any awkward conversations)
Hubie's own "circle drill" that instantly tells you the mood and attitude of your players on any given day
The 2 critical keys to being a good basketball teacher (HINT: Basketball IQ and school smarts have NOTHING to do with eachother!)
How to organize your time-outs so that EVERY player on your team knows and understands your strategy (ignore this simple tip and it could cost you 2 or 3 games this year)
The correct balance between skill building drills and game preparation
How to use the "day after drill" to make corrections and adjustments to your offense and defense
Why you should never end a practice with suicide sprints

And much, much more.

With your coaching philosophy and team management strategy covered, it's time to move onto the tactics.

First up is Offensive Spacing, one of the most crucial - yet commonly overlooked - strategies for basketball success.

Packing in your offense too tight... or spreading out too wide can cripple your offensive production and KILL your team's chances for success.

That's why Hubie breaks down this topic in step by step detail, revealing the specific secrets to penetration, spotting up, cutting, screening and passing that will tear open huge gaps in your opponent's defense and have you scoring easy layups and open jumpers at will.

Video Clinic #3

"Offensive Spacing" 


Click Play to watch a sample red-arrow-04_R

Here's a small sample of what's covered:

The spot on the floor your wings should NEVER feed the post from (if your guards making this silly pass regularly... your team won't score HALF the points you're capable of)

Why your players should never pass the ball with one hand

4 fast break spacing rules that open up "Mac Truck" driving lanes for your guards and forwards (this simple tip will get you an extra ten to twenty points PER GAME)

An amazing secret for lobbing a pass into the post

The "sneaky" technique for setting a stunningly effective screen across the lane.  Do this wrong and you'll instantly get whistled for offensive foul. But do it right and your forwards will feast on a steady diet of open layups and wide open elbow jumpshots.

How to avoid the 4 worst offensive spacing mistakes coaches make

A step by step guide to Offensive Basketball Terminology

How to develop a relentless, fast-paced transition attack in just one practice, no matter how slow or unathletic your players are

6 keys to offensive spacing that work against man OR zone

The A-B-C formula for getting twice as many offensive rebounds as you're getting right now. These simple techniques really work... even if your "big guys" are undersized and can't jump!

The truth about half-court spot up positions. And why almost every "basketball guru" is dead wrong about this

A virtually unknown way to get more offensive boards... without sacrificing your defensive balance

Why your wings should ALWAYS cross the lane in your early offense (and how this simple technique instantly tells you what kind of defensive set your opponent is in)

And much, much more.

You'll master Hubie's simple system for Offensive Spacing after just one viewing.

And then you'll move on to the next video, "Offensive Sets", where you'll discover a step by step formula for breaking down ANY type of defense (Man OR Zone)... and scoring at will -- no matter how "offensively challenged" or inexperienced your players are!

Video Clinic #4

"Offensive Sets"


Click Play to watch a sample red-arrow-04_R

Here's a small sample of what's included:

How to run the 1-4 offense. Hubie takes you by the hand and guides you through every stage, with pass by pass instructions and specific tips and techniques that will have you baffling your opponents and racking up huge margins of victory

The absolute best way to overload a zone defense.

To "headhunt" or to "screen an area"? We'll reveal the RIGHT way to set screens that will get leave your players wide open and begging for the ball

The amazing "timing secrets" that make the classic "back-door" play unstoppable. How to use this simple technique to rack up over 100 points per game... even if your team has never scored over 50 before.

The sneaky (yet totally legal) "hip-grab" technique that helps your players get wide open off a pick

The #1 secret for reading the defense and taking advantage of their weaknesses

Five simple ways to get an easy layup using an "old-fashioned" technique most coaches mistakenly overlook!

An easy 3-step system your players can use to exploit a well-set screen

How to use misdirection, cuts and screens to give your opponent fits (and have the opposing coach pulling his hair out)

How to run the screen-and-roll. Adding this simple play to your repertoire will instantly produce tons of easy layups from any spot on the floor... and get your best shooters wide open for threes all day long

A simple technique for splitting the double team... even if your guards lack ballhandling skills

And much, much more.

But being an offensive powerhouse on its own just ain't enough these days. To win against quality teams, your team also needs to understand the principles of defensive basketball.

Inside "Defensive Tactics", you'll learn a step by step system for Hubie's "take-no-prisoners" style of defense that'll baffle opposing coaches and shut down your competition... without even trying!

 Video Clinic #5

Defensive Tactics


Click Play to watch a sample red-arrow-04_R

Here's a small sample of what you'll discover:

A step by step guide to defensive terminology

NEVER foul a jumpshooter. Good jumpshooters might make 50% of their shots, while good free throw shooters will make 80% of their free throws. We'll explore this Defensive Commandment (and 4 more inside this section)

Why "touching the hip" allows your kids to get up close and play tight defense (and not worry about getting beat)

The 2 critical building blocks that all successful defenses are built on.

The jealously guarded secret to one-on-one defense. PLUS... how to use this little-known technique to contain a lightning quick guard.

The simple 4-step process even a "rookie coach" can use to teach boxing out mechanics. Master this simple technique and your team will dominate the boards (even if you don't have a legitimate big man on your roster)

The 5 keys to defending a fast break in transition

The "2-minute tough love" substitution technique that ensures your kids work hard on defense

4 secrets to defending a post to post screen

The 5 ultra-important (yet often overlooked) statistics you MUST track during a game... and why these give you an instant read on your team's focus and aggressiveness

10 defensive drills, explained and demonstrated with step by step detail


Why forcing the ballhandler to change direction gives your team an INSTANT advantage


The specific footwork and timing secrets to block a shot from behind (even a 5'5" midget with no vertical can use this simple technique to stuff the jam of a high-flying 6'8" center)


A "belly to belly" face-guarding technique that prevents players from seeing the court and making an open pass

  The 3 ways of defending the screen and roll... and how to choose which method works best for YOUR team 

How to deny the back door pass


The correct location to spring a half court trap... and how to use this simple technique to force a turnover whenever you choose

And much, much more.

But it doesn't stop there.

As a special bonus for ordering by midnight tonight, , I'm also throwing these 5 extra gifts at no extra cost.

To start off, you'll get "Special Situations"... a no-holds-barred video clinic that's jam-packed with over a dozen ways to score from every spot on the floor.


  Bonus #1

"Special Situations Video Clinic" ($39 value)


Click Play to watch a sample red-arrow-04_R

Here's a small sample of what's included:

3 ways to legally "steal" offensive rebounds on foul shots.  These tips are so simple (yet wildly effective) you'll kick yourself for not thinking of them yourself

The "no-fail" way to get the ball into your point guard's hands when playing against full court pressure


The 2 most important factors that determine how your offense should read and react to a defense

A quick and easy inbounds play that's guaranteed to score against any defense

Sideline out of bounds play against full court pressure

Trouble inbounding the ball against tight pressure?   Hubie reveals a totally no-brainer (yet usually overlooked) way to get an extra second with your inbounds plays

How to spot the most dangerous offensive player on the court... and how to get him the ball in a position to score whenever you want

Down 3 points at the end of a game? We'll reveal a little-known technique to get a wide open three pointer... off an intentionally missed free throw!

How to get the ball inbounds against a team that's bigger, quicker and stronger... then convert it for an easy layup in less than 3 seconds

What every coach worth his salt should know about breaking the press

The simple "visual processing" technique that totally eliminates human error in late game situations

And much, much more.

You'll also get these 4 special bonus reports.

Bonus #2

"Hubie Brown's 11 Laws Of Basketball Defense"

($19 value)


These 11 laws are the basis for Hubie’s Brown’s defensive philosophy.

Putting these into place with your team will force more turnovers, take your opponent out of their offensive rhythm, and limit their opportunities for high percentage shots.

Here's a small sample of what's included:

Why you should never allow a dribbler to "turn the corner"

The secret to preventing a backdoor cut off a UCLA 1-4 set


How to determine when it's worth it to gamble for a steal

The one offensive player you should NEVER foul

And much, much more.

Bonus #3

"Hubie Brown's 17 Laws of Basketball Offense"

($19 value)


These 17 laws are the basis for Hubie’s Brown’s offensive philosophy.

Regardless of what type of offense you are running, or what type of defense you’re playing against, these 17 indisputable rules will always lead to better ball movement, more open shots, and a higher field goal percentage.

Here's a small sample of what's included:

The one spot on the floor you should NEVER try to feed the post from

The single biggest key to tiring out your opponents on defense (and how this leads directly to wide-open threes for your team)

Have players on your team who are trying to dunk in games?  Using this simple rule will save them from an embarassing moment

The correct location to lob the ball when your opponent is fronting the post - HINT: don't throw it directly to your post player!

And much, much more.

Bonus #4

"Hubie Brown's Practice Planning Formula"

($19 value)


This workbook contains a step by step action plan to implement Hubie's practice planning system with your own team.

You'll get templates, outlines, and worksheets to prepare for your season.... accelerating your learning curve and preparing your team for success.

Bonus #5

"Hubie Brown's Basketball Coaching Bible"

($19 value)


This handy reference summarizes Hubie's key coaching points in an easy-to-use guide.

Inside, you'll discover the five steps to success: organization, winning philosophy, discipline, good people, and style.

Plus... you'll learn the 5 qualities of a good leader... how to get the most out of your players by focusing on the little things... and much, much more.

Still with me? Good. Here's a complete recap of everything you get when you order today:

hand Video Clinic #1: "Coaching Philosophy - Cycle of Achievement"
hand Video Clinic #2: "Practice and Game Management - Gaining The Edge"
hand Video Clinic #3: "Offensive Spacing"
hand Video Clinic #4: "Offensive Sets"
hand Video Clinic #5: "Defensive Tactics"
hand LIMITED TIME Bonus #1: "Special Situations" ($39 value)
hand LIMITED TIME Bonus #2: "17 Laws of Basketball Offense" ($19 value)
hand LIMITED TIME Bonus #3: "11 Laws of Basketball Defense" ($19 value)
hand LIMITED TIME Bonus #4: "Practice Planning Formula" ($19 value)
hand  LIMITED TIME Bonus #5: "The Basketball Coaching Bible" ($19 value)

Can You Imagine The Turbo Power
You'll Inject Into Your Team?

And how many more games you'll win this season when you master this simple system?

Your mind will expand. Your team will light up the scoreboard. And you'll never look at coaching basketball the same way again.

It really is that powerful.

The entire roadmap is laid out for you in plain English. There's no sugar coating, and no beating around the bush. Hubie Brown has an incredible gift for teaching with clarity... getting right to the point and making it easy for ANY coach to understand.

"Ok Pat, I've Had Enough
Let Me In NOW!"

What would you give to have Hubie Brown on your bench this season... talking you through your practice plan or drawing up a last-second play to win the game?

How much would it be worth to you?

It wouldn't be cheap.

Keep in mind that Hubie is one of the most sought after speakers in America... and regularly commands fat four-figure checks to speak at prime-time seminars and big-wig corporate events.

Not to mention the fact that he's had to slow way down due to "unexpected health related issues", and will probably never produce another coaching resource as intense or information-packed as this Boot Camp.

If you were somehow able to lure him to your gym for a private teaching session, it would probably take him at least 9 to 11 hours to explain all the tips and techniques that are jam-packed and condensed into this online clinic.

He'd probably charge you around $350 an hour for his time... making it an investment of AT LEAST $3,150.

If you were friends with Hubie, you might be able to snag his services at the "insider price" of only $169/hour... which would still cost you around $1,521.

And even though his advice would be worth every penny, that's an investment that would be pretty steep for most coaches like you and me.

But there's no need to worry, because now, members of my e-hotlist can have Hubie come to you -- and teach you these secrets right over your computer screen for much, much less.

If you act today, the investment is only $3,150 $1,521 $99 with this Sale!

So here's what you need to do now.

Click on this link to place your secure order now. It's completely safe (a lot safer than using your card at your favorite restaurant) and you can access the complete clinic.

In Just 90 Seconds!

Yup. You read that correctly. All the videos and special reports are available online and you can access 'em right over your computer screen.

Not a techno-wiz? No problem.

You'll get clear step by step directions that walk you through the simple process.

There's no waiting for the mailman to deliver your material, no fancy programs are needed, and you’ll be able to watch and learn from any computer.

Click here to order now!

By now, you might be wondering...

Is This Too Good
To Be True?

Listen. This is a time tested and proven system for developing a winning basketball program that works like magic... even if your team lacks size, athleticism or talent.

But the fact is... I'd prefer it if only a handful of coaches got access to these secrets.

You see - part of why Hubie's system works so well is how "unorthodox" his coaching techniques are.

And if too many teams start running these plays, or using these game prep strategies in their practices... well, some of them might lose their effectiveness.

So if you're NOT ready to try something radically different (and a little bit controversial) to make drastic improvements in the way your team plays, maybe this isn't for you.

But if ARE truly committed to your role as a coach, and you DO want to discover the secrets to building a powerhouse basketball team, then you'll be kicking yourself all season long if you don't take advantage of this incredible offer right this second.

Click here to access Hubie's coaching system now!

Still not convinced?

I really want you to tap into these powerful coaching secrets... and I really want you to use this system to crush every team in your league.

But I know that there's a ton of basketball info out there. And it's hard not to be a little skeptical when the next "big thing" comes around.

So here's what I want to offer you:

No-Risk, No Hassle
200% DOUBLE Guarantee


That means you can order this entire online clinic, watch it, master all the secrets…

And if you don't (at the very least) witness astonishing results with your team... simply send me an email within your 60 day trial period, and you'll be rushed a complete 100% refund of your purchase price.

And - (here's the 200% part)...

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PPS - Here's another small sample of the feedback coaches from across the country have already sent in:

From: Don Vdddalerieemail
To: coachpatanderson@gmail.com


Hi Coach Anderson,

I have enjoyed and am using a lot of the info from your clinics and emails. The Hubie Brown videos are excellent and I would really enjoy seeing more. I am concluding team tryouts for the varsity and JV girls tomorrow and can hardly wait to get the season started with our team.

Thanks again,

Don H.

From: Serge Vdfdsaerieil
To: coachpatanderson@gmail.com



I coach recreational leagues for 14-18 yr olds and Special Olympics as well.
I can tailor these HB drills to all levels as they are simple and straightforward schemes.
Thanks and good work!

Serge K.

From: Mike Valerieeil
To: coachpatanderson@gmail.com


I show the clips to my daughter who is a H.S Varsity player. Great learning tool .  It always helps when they see if from someone besides the coach

Mike M

From: Andy Vdddfdsaerieil
To: coachpatanderson@gmail.com


I like the videos a lot and keep sending them, I am positive they will help my team but most important of all help me
Andy P.

From: Chip Vdfdsaerieil
To: coachpatanderson@gmail.com


The videos are excellent.  Coach Brown does an excellent job of presenting the information.



From: Gary Vdfdsaerieil
To: coachpatanderson@gmail.com


Hi Pat

Thanks for the videos. They are excellent.
I appreciate the clarity of Hubie's explanation and the passion that he exhibits. I can send these little gems to my players in an email and it can re-inforce much of what we cover in practice making their "off-court" training more effective.
All the best.
Peter R.

From: Stephen Vdalerieemail
To: coachpatanderson@gmail.com


Hello Pat,

I have just joined your efforts (purchased your playbooks & video last week) and am enjoying reading and seeing the material. Your talent is seeing the simple issues that need to be taught to maximise the skills of our players. Your obvious joy in the game of basketball comes through your work.

As an Australian coach (level 2) from Sydney, without pay TV, the NBA & WNBA is slightly remote experience but I am aware of Hubie Brown (and his achievements). I congratulate you on your efforts on bring his Basketball Coaching Boot Camp material to us.

Stephen B.

From: Cuthbert Vdfdsaerieil
To: coachpatanderson@gmail.com


Hi Coach,

Thanks for these videos I am enjoying them and practice is getting nicer by the day.

The guys are visibly feeling good and looking good going through drills in an organised manner and I feel on top of things because I no longer have to yell to get things done. Thanks pat.
Cuthbert T.

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