Dear Coach,

Imagine how great it would feel to walk onto the court at your next game, knowing you had an Ace up your sleeve that almost guaranteed victory for your team.

Think of the satisfaction you'd feel, knowing that your kids were better conditioned, better prepared, and more confident than their opponents.

And think of how much FUN it would be to coach athletes who possess that "extra gear" to dominate their competition at will.

Athletes with an explosive first step to leave their defenders in the dust... and the body control to absorb contact and finish strong at the rim... "And One!"
Athletes with the strength and power to own the painted area, muscle up on larger players in the post, and take complete control of the glass.

Athletes with the quickness and agility to play lockdown defense from baseline to baseline… suffocating your opponents with a nasty full court press that forces TONS of turnovers.
And best of all - athletes that can rise up above the rim and finish with authority… stunning the crowd with "out of this world" athletic ability.

It's all possible - downright easy in fact - once you discover the simple secrets I'm about to reveal.

But before we go any further, let me dispel one ridiculous myth that FAR too many coaches still believe.

"You can't teach athletic Ability!?!"

It's crazy that some people still buy into this… despite the millions of dollars in research… thousands of hours of lab testing… and real world results you can see on the court and field everywhere you look.

Sure - some kids win the genetic lottery and are born with more fast-twitch muscle fibers.

But when it comes to the most important factors in basketball performance -- multidirectional speed and agility, power, balance, reaction time, the ability to APPLY that athletic ability in a real basketball game situation --

Training beats out genetics every time.

That's right. Starting today, your basketball players CAN make dramatic improvements in their athletic ability (and reduce the risk of injury)... safer, faster and easier than ever before!

A more explosive, high scoring offense... tenacious team defense... and a relentless, physical style of play that will wear your opponents down and break their will to win... it's all within your reach!

Okay, so you might be saying to yourself...

"So What? I Already Do This Stuff In Practice"

Kudos if you're already using athletic development drills with your players.

But take a second and ask yourself... are you 100% sure you're doing the right drills?

With the right form and technique?

The right level of intensity?

And the right sequencing?

Have you updated your training techniques to compete with a new generation of athletes and expectations?

Do you understand the true "Insider secrets" to gaining
massive improvements in Strength, Speed and Power
in the Fastest possible time?


This is NOT about doing "traditional" basketball conditioning exercises like lane slides, backboard taps, or wall sits.

The drills and techniques you're about to discover are 100% CUTTING EDGE -- developed, tested, and refined in the training centers of top NBA, NFL, MLB and US Olympic teams.

All explained and demonstrated by an athletic development "guru" with more than 28 years of elite-level experience.

Basketball-Specific Training Techniques
most amateur coaches will NEVER learn about

It's called "The Explosive Basketball System" - and it breaks down all the essential skills and drills you'll need to develop a supremely athletic squad, and start dominating your opponents in every phase of the game.

I'm 100% confident that if you implement these techniques, your kids will out-run, out-jump, out-defend, and out-rebound EVERY team in your league.

It doesn't matter how much (or how little) God-Given talent they have right now… or how skinny, short, or "ground-bound" they are.

Start using this stuff in your practices and you'll see a stunning transformation in the way they play the game!

I bet you're hungry for more details… so let's break this down a little further.

Developed by Scott Phelps, who has worked on speed and conditioning improvement with numerous professional teams and athletes, including NFL Football, NBA Basketball, Major League Baseball, US Olympic Programs, and collegiate sports, the EXPLOSIVE Basketball System is filled with the drills and instruction that can send your basketball team's athleticism – soaring off the charts.

With this video training system you will discover what most basketball coaches unfortunately never learn – how to dramatically improve their players' strength, speed, quickness, agility, power and vertical leap... and gain an immediate advantage on the competition!

The system is broken down into six one modules, each focusing on a specific area of athletic development that translates immediately into better performance on the court.

Let's get into some of the specific details, and give you a small sample of the drills and techniques you'll learn...

Do you feel the need, the need for speed?’ If so, these powerful drills will help your kids develop the speed to start going around defenders like they are standing still!
A special “Let Go” drills that help your players develop that explosive first step that will make them next to impossible to guard … and will send your offensive output soaring!
The ground-breaking “falling run” drill that'll make you feel like you have the acceleration power of a finely tuned sports car!

Do these drills regularly and soon your team will be beating everybody down the floor for easy layups … and they’ll be able to catch even the fastest players from behind (then use their newfound jumping ability to block their shot just like LeBron James)!

And a lot more...

A little known "Box Blast" technique that builds massive fast-twitch muscle fibers in your lower legs and dramatically improves your "quick burst" leaping ability ... add this drill to your team's workout regimen and you'll soon be snatching an extra 8 to 12 rebounds per game!
Stop getting pushed around … have your players do these specially designed power drills to develop the explosive upper and lower body power they need to carve out space against even the biggest, baddest defenders!
How to turn your legs into tightly wound “power coils” that will make it look to other players like you are playing on a trampoline not a wooden basketball court!
Teach your muscles to explode with maximum power during competitive game situations with this module’s unbelievably effective combination drills!
And a lot more...

Body resistance drills that you can do anytime, anywhere to build a powerful core, including sit-ups, leg lifts, superpersons, knee-ups and more!
Much of your power as a basketball player originates from your core, this module contains the drills (Core Rotations, Planks, Side Pillars and More) you need to strengthen that core dramatically!
Includes drills to stabilize your core to prevent injury and add power to your game!
Weak core = weak game … watch your players' agility and strength skyrocket as they develop a stronger core with these highly effective drills!
And a lot more...

Gain explosive power in multidirectional areas just like you’ll need in a game!
A chest Pass drill that improves your players' balance and stability while at the same time increasing their quickness and power!
Improve core rotation with the core rotation and Partner Figure 8 drills, which in turn will help your kids avoid injury and play “smoother” out on the court!
This modules’ drills have been carefully selected to help you gain flexibility AND power!
And a lot more...

A Jump and Stick drill that builds structure and integrity in your joints and helps you develop much greater body control.

The result: you can maintain your balance when driving the lane and finish strong, even if you get fouled!

Quarter Eagle, Balance Pick Up Game, Skip and Crossover and other drills help your kids excel at the multi-directional movements that are essential for playing great basketball!
Learn to harness the new power and quickness that you’re developing in the EXPLOSIVE Basketball System!
Develop the quick change of direction movements that will transform every kid on your team into a shut-down defender no matter what their current defensive ability!
And a lot more...

Find out why quickness originates in the hips and then turn your athletes' hips into the ultimate quickness producers!
Jump rope drills that will perfect your running rhythm and form and send your quickness soaring off the charts in no time!
Why your toes of all things might be slowing you down and how to hold them from now on for added quickness!
How to develop the super-quick crossover your kids need to shut down offensive players and break defenders’ ankles when they have the ball!
And a lot more...

Remember, you don’t need any fancy or expensive equipment to perform these drills. All the drills are safe and very effective ... and you could start seeing results by your very next game.

Also remember, since this is a video training system, you can watch the drills over and over again to ensure you know them and perform them properly for maximum results.

We'll even show you how to Structure The Workouts with
your team... Including specific instructions on reps and sets!

If you want to help your kids reach their TRUE potential... if you want to unleash the athletic ability hidden inside your roster right now... if you want to win more basketball games this year and bring home the championship hardware in your league... then this is the training system for you!

Maybe you know a bit about athletic development and want to update your techniques for the 21st century.

Maybe you coach young kids, and you're looking for some new activities to inject some fun and excitement into your practices.

Or maybe you're an experienced veteran in an ultra-competitive league... and you're looking for that "extra edge" that'll make your squad impossible to beat.

Whatever your personal situation, the EXPLOSIVE Basketball System can work for you.

This system is filled with high intensity video training that works. Start using this system and in no time at all, you'll be amazed at the things your players are able to do.

Rising up above the fray to powerfully block shots into the stands.
Soaring above the outstretched arms of your opponents and snatching the important rebound when the game is on the line

Jumping just as high and running just as fast at the END of a game as they did at the beginning
And unleashing game changing, rim rocking dunks. (Get ready to hear the ooohs and aaahs when your kids walk onto the floor).

Ready to get started?

Here's What To Do Next

To get the EXPLOSIVE Basketball System and start making these basketball dreams come true, simply click on the Add to Cart button below.


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It's easy too. No "tech" experience required. If you know how to click a mouse, then you have all the skills you need.

(And just in case you run into any problems… me or my trusty assistant Mary will be here to help out any time)

You can stream the videos over your Internet connection, watch them on your tablet or smart phone or save them to your computer to watch any time. You can even share the online clinic with the rest of your coaching staff… so everyone's on the same page and ready to rock for your very next practice!

Bottom Line. Once You're In… You're IN

Registering for this online clinic gets you complete lifetime access to everything. There are no time limits… no hassles… and no pressure. You learn everything on your own schedule.

So what does a training system like this cost?

Well, private sessions with athletic trainers can typically run upwards of $120 per hour. And it would take at LEAST 4-5 hours to teach all these cutting edge techniques to your team.

So if you found the right trainer - someone with elite-level experience who was willing to work with you - you could potentially learn this stuff on your own, but it would likely set you back $480 or more.

Not only that... private training sessions are "one and done."

With the online videos you'll find inside the Explosive Basketball System, you can return to our members area as many times as you like!

I figured the 6 modules were worth $19.95 a piece (minimum)... so my original plan was to sell the full package at a nice discount of $97.

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It’s time to stop falling for the myths, and start teaching your kids the secrets to "Jump Out Of The Gym" Athletic Ability!

And here's where it gets REALLY good.

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Improve your form AND your speed!
Build stabilizer muscles for quicker, sharper cutting – defenders won’t be able to stay with you!
Learn to excel at fast-twitch movements that will make you a nightmare to guard and will send your scoring average up, up, up!
Includes agility ladder drills specifically for basketball players that will give you explosive jumping power and pinpoint cutting ability!

This intensive video training will take your speed and agility to levels you never thought possible! That’s right, you’ll genuinely be amazed at how much more speed and agility you gain through these high energy, yet easy-to-perform drills – includes:

  • Right legged thrust
  • Left legged thrust
  • Double foot shuffle
  • Bunny hop
  • And much more

Best of all...

With Our Unconditional 100% Money-Back Guarantee,
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We are so sure that you will love the EXPLOSIVE Basketball System and that it will help you improve your team's jumping ability, athleticism and overall basketball game that we are offering an unconditional 100% money-back guarantee.

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It’s Time to Make a Decision …

The truth is we all have the ability to become more athletic. But I can’t make you do it.

If you want your kids to improve physically … if you want to help them reach their TRUE basketball potential… it’s up to you to take the necessary steps.

So what’s it going to be?

Do you want to dominate your league with stunning quickness and athleticism, or play slow, conventional basketball like everyone else?

Do you want to be the team throwing down the nasty dunks? Or the team getting dunked on?

Do you want to stand out or blend in?

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Remember, this system reveals:

How to jump higher, faster and with more power!
How to improve your team's quickness and agility!

How to gain “basketball strength” and become a true force out on the court!
How to increase your speed … drill by simple drill!

How to get in much better basketball shape!
How to gain an “almost unfair” physical advantage on the competition
And much more

And right now you can get this amazing system for just $47. But you must order now. The agility ladder training bonus is only available for the first 200 coaches to order this season.

After that, you maybe out of luck. So don’t delay – just as in a basketball game to the fastest most often go the spoils.



Coach Pat Anderson

P.S. I can’t begin to tell you how exciting it is when you first notice that your kids are jumping higher, that their hands are getting closer and closer to the rim, that they are suddenly able to grab rebounds above the other players, that they are blocking more shots … all I can say is get this system and see for yourself. You’ll be amazed.

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