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Did you know that 81% of youth and high school basketball coaches list "Half Court offense" as their team's biggest weakness?

It's the most common (and most frustrating) problem coaches like you and me face today... and it's the single biggest factor that separates the championship caliber teams from the pretenders.

Well, I’ve solved this little problem for you, right here in this letter… and you can now master ALL the hard-to find secrets to getting tons of easy layups and wide open jumpers (we’re talking overnight!)… and all for less than it costs to buy a decent basketball!

Desk of: Coach Pat Anderson
Thursday 12:25 pm

Dear Coach,

I am so proud of myself, my wife can’t stand to be around me today. I feel like I’ve just discovered the cure for the common cold… or, even better, I feel like I just hit the lottery.

Here's why.

You're about to enter the brain (and steal the playbook) of legendary Coach John Kresse - a 23 year D1 coaching veteran at the College of Charleston, NAIA Hall of Famer, and owner of the 5th highest winning percentage (.797) in the HISTORY of NCAA Division 1 Basketball.

On his way to a 560-143 record, Coach Kresse compiled an unbelievable catalog of knowledge about how to score the basketball....

He tried, tested, and tweaked thousands of different plays, eventually creating

The Most Effective Basketball
Playbook Ever Known To Man

I know that sounds a little over the top. 

But if you're looking for a straightforward system for supercharging your team's half court offense and blowing your competition out of the gym, then this online clinic really is the "secret weapon" you've been praying for.

And as you'll see in just a sec, you don't even risk a single penny of your own money.

Here's the deal.

We've taken Coack Kresse's elite level offensive strategies, and distilled them down to an online video clinic that runs a little less than 1 hour.

Everything is explained in plain English by Coach himself, and his College of Charleston players demonstrate each play with pinpoint accuracy.

Believe me - mastering just a handful of these techniques will have your team running circles around your opponents and racking up huge margins of victory... even if they can barely make a free throw right now.

Let me give you just a tiny peek at what's inside this ground-breaking online clinic:

4 proven plays to get a wide open three for your best shooter
How to use the "diagonal screen" to surprise your opponents and leave your small forward wide open in the lane for an easy two
The biggest misconception about "triple threat position" - and the simple correction that allows your offense to get high-percentage shots from anywhere on the floor
The double-screen option that takes advantage of a hyper-active, overplaying defender
Why reversing the ball can get your best shooter wide open for an easy three-pointer... no matter what defense your opponent is playing
The rarely used (yet wildly effective) 2-1-2 offensive formation. This simple offense is perfect for a team with quick guards who handle the ball well
  The 12 basic principles for running an efficient, attacking offense that scores points in bunches
How to take advantage of an undersized opponent. HINT: this infamous play (nicknamed "Texas") works best if your forwards are big and mobile
21 quick-hitter plays that allow your offense to score before the defense even sets up
  How to quickly and easily improve your passing angle (this counter-intuitive - and somewhat controversial - manoeveur will instantly get your offense started, even if your opponent is aggressively denying the wings) 
How to use the little-known (yet wildly effective) "Atlanta" offense to isolate your post players on the block 
  The simple 2.5 second test that immediately determines if your opponent is playing man to man or zone  

And a lot more.

Here's what's really cool.

Unstoppable Half Court Offense is an online video clinic, so you can access it right over your computer screen as soon you complete your order.

It's super easy to do, and no special skills or equipment is required.

That means you can be absorbing Coach Kresse's secrets

In Just 90 Seconds!

And these techniques are so easy to pick up, your team will master them in just one practice.

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Imagine sitting down with Coach Kresse, swapping stories and getting insight into his personal coaching philosophy - one on one.

That's the feeling you'll get from this online clinic - a hall of fame coach sharing tips, strategies and tricks that only come after a lifetime of basketball experience and study.

In fact, watching this video got me so amped up to coach, that I called the kids in for an extra run on Saturday and had one of our best practices ever!

I'm betting that same excitement floods your bones the minute you discover these secrets right over your computer screen.

You can tell Coach Kresse LOVES this game... and his enthusiasm rubs off along with all that incredible knowledge, so you can't help but catch his basketball fever.

Sounds good, doesn't it.  With an absolute MINIMUM of work, you can suddenly get the MAXIMUM offensive output from your team, just by trying a few of Coach's simple half-court strategies.

Wide open shots, easy layups, and an offense that runs smoother than a Rolls Royce engine.  Almost overnight.  With as little fuss and bother as you could imagine.

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Take a full 60 days to see if these offensive strategies really do cause your squad to steamroll your competition and tear up your league.

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pat anderson

Coach Pat Anderson

PS - Look all you want for a catch - there isn't one.  I stand behind this video more than anything I've ever recommended before.

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