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Desk of: Coach Pat Anderson
Date: Wednesday, 3:18 PM

Dear Coach,

You think I'm kidding with this offer?

I'm not. Over the past 4 years, I've been giving coaches like you amazing "insider" information from deep inside the “elite basketball” world -- tactics, secrets and advice you would never discover on your own, no matter how many years you searched.

And, since you’re a loyal supporter and member of my “e-hotlist”, I think it’s high time I did you a serious favor.

You see, most coaches tend to write in with questions about offensive drills and plays:

How do I beat a zone defense?… What’s the best offense to run if I have a quick point guard?… How do I improve my team’s 3-point shooting?… and so on.

And we oblige. I love offense as much as the next guy.  It’s fun to teach and the kids have a blast doing the drills.

But I also love winning basketball games.  You know – knocking off the “top teams” in your league and surprising the heck out of everyone.  Leaving the tournament with

The Shiny Gold Medal
(Not The Lame “Participation” Ribbon)

… and commanding the respect of parents, players, and other coaches by CONSISTENTLY playing at a high-level… every single game.

But here’s the shocking reality. Offense isn’t the answer.

Some coaches don’t like to hear this, but it’s dead true. Your offense will come and go. Shooters can slump… star players can be shut down… and some nights your kids just can’t make a layup.

The Real Secret To Winning
More Basketball Games

If you really want your team to be competitive – game after game – then you gotta motivate your players to buckle down and take pride in their DEFENSE.

You gotta energize each kid into a personal commitment to shut down their man... to help out their teammates... and to gobble up every rebound off the glass.

Here’s the good news. I recently stumbled across an amazing coaching system that will transform ANY team into a defensive juggernaut. What’s even better, you’ll learn

How To Make Defense Fun!

The secret to this system is a super-aggressive full-court trapping mentality that totally dictates the tempo of the game and forces massive numbers of turnovers. Your kids will go wild for this “predatory” pressure defense, and learn to LOVE the feeling of complete full-court domination.

Here are some amazing facts about this incredible full court pressure defense system, and why you shouldn't even THINK about going to your next practice until you read every word of this letter:

1 Your players can be short, chubby, and molasses-slow, and you can STILL slaughter your opponents with this totally simple (yet wildly effective) defensive strategy
2 It works with ANY age or competitive level. If your players know how to shuffle, slide, and talk on ‘D’… then you can master this pressure defense system in one week (or less!)


And… no coaching experience is required. The entire system is explained in PLAIN ENGLISH, with step by step details, live video demonstrations and diagrams

I’m telling you… get hip to the secrets of full court pressure defense, and your team will improve IMMEDIATELY. Here’s a small sample of what you'll learn:

The 5 different pressure defense schemes EVERY team should know… and how to use each one to cream your opponents
The absolute best way to execute a half court trap (HINT: use bluffs to keep your opponent guessing about where and when it will come)
A “top-secret” step by step numbering system to communicate your defensive strategy to the team -- without tipping the opposing coach off
12 proven defensive drills to develop blazing reaction speed, active hands, and a “6th sense” that always knows when and where to spring a trap
How to force the opposing point guard to pick up his dribble (players are 3 times more likely to turn the ball over if they get caught flat-footed in the backcourt)
How to eliminate penetration by forcing your opponents away from the middle of the floor
Why communication, awareness and basketball IQ are FAR more important than size, strength, or quickness. Plus… how to use that knowledge to turn all 12 of your players into full court trapping pros!
The simple 4 step formula for teaching your players to take the charge (without pain or injury)
The specific body location and arm movement techniques that create a suffocating three-quarter court trap
How to automatically communicate your defensive strategy into your team (without wasting timeouts)
A simple technique that will DOUBLE your steals per game (even if your guards are small or unathletic)

And much, much more.

Here’s what youth and high school coaches are saying about “Ultimate Full Court Pressure:

"This full court style is amazing — just beat the 2nd place team in our league 85 to 58 scoring 31 points off turnovers. Thanks for this tremendous gift."

- Lyman Amwaite, Wisconsin

"The best part is that we are running an up-tempo game, so the players are constantly working hard and I can use all 12 players in my regular rotation. The kids are thrilled with their increased playing time, and we've won 3 games in a row since trying your pressing system."

- K.W. Walton, Junior High Coach, Mississipi

"Ultimate Full Court Pressure is so simple to learn... our team could always score, but we lost games because our defense sucked. Now, we have both engines going full blast, and are on pace for our best varsity season in 14 years!"

- Mike McKinley, Seattle, WA

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These are SPECIFIC tactics and advice, too. All about how to spring a trap... how to force a 10-second violation... how to pressure opposing guards to (literally!) hand over the ball... and much, much more.

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pat anderson

Coach Pat Anderson

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