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Desk of: Coach Pat Anderson
Date: Monday, 11:24 AM

Dear Coach,

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It's a ripping good story, too - the secret of how a one-time coaching washout (who nearly quit basketball for good) went on to become the 7th winningest coach in NCAA history.

And -- how he developed an innovative basketball offense that:

Is pass-based and gets all 5 players involved
Clears out the lane for back-door cuts and driving layups
Has wide-open spacing to allow spot up jumpshooting
Runs continuously, with picture-perfect timing and a smooth flow

And most importantly...

Is mega-simple to teach and ridiculously easy for players to understand

This is the kind of "insider" basketball strategy that's hidden from most amateur coaches like you and me. None of your competition will ever get close to knowing this stuff exists. Yet, for you, right now...

You Can See It

Here's what this is all about.

Back in 1942, a KU grad and former 3-sport letter-winner named Ralph Miller enthusiastically accepted the head coaching role at tiny Mount Oread High School.

His First Season Was A DISASTER

The team (mostly made up of professor's sons), lost 18 of the 20 games they played. Miller was chased out of town and vowed to stay away from basketball coaching for the rest of his days.

But eight years later, sick and tired of hauling produce for a California fruit company, Miller was lured back into the coaching world, taking over the East High School program in Wichita, Kansas.

This Time, Things Went Differently

He led his squad to 3 consecutive state championships and was very quickly plucked into the NCAA ranks as the new coach for Wichita State.

Over the next 38 years, Miller was promoted to positions at Iowa, then Oregon State... racking up 678 wins, four Pac-10 championships and two national coach of the year awards along the way.

The secret to Miller's success was an innovative new offensive system he called the "1-4". It allowed his teams to get boatloads of easy layups and wide open shots, and was astonishingly effective against both Man-to-Man AND Zone Defenses.

Here's Where It Gets Interesting

More than 50 years after Miller first hatched the 1-4, an enterprising young UCLA assistant named Jim Saia made a few tweaks and adapted the offense for the 21st century.

Saia's updated "UCLA 1-4 Offense" propelled the Bruins to six straight 20 win seasons, including five NCAA Sweet Sixteen appearances and a berth in the Elite Eight.

And, for a limited time, you can bring the UCLA 1-4 offense home, and "steal" these simple secrets for your own use.

Here's the deal.

I recently got my hands on a killer step by step video where Coach Saia reveals everything he knows about this amazingly effective offensive system.

Remember, this is a guy who's coached at the Division 1 level for over 14 years, and personally mentored NBA stars like Baron Davis, Dan Gadzuric, Matt Barnes and Jason Kapono.

What you're about to get is instant access to two 42 minute, online video clinics that will revolutionize the way you look at coaching - and

Finally Show You Just How EASY
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The first one is the meaty one - in it, Coach Saia breaks down the UCLA 1-4 set with live basketball demonstrations and step by step animated diagrams.

I bet you're hungry for more details, so let's go through some of the specific plays and techniques you'll learn...


Online Video Clinic #1
UCLA 1-4 Offense Plays

How to create massive driving lanes against a 2-3 zone using this simple spacing technique

Why your perimeter players should always pass the ball to the outside hand

The specific footwork secrets to pin and seal a post defender and set up a perfect high-low pass
How to angle a pick to get wide open cutters going to the basket
Why "'big-on-small", and "small-on-big" screens are so difficult to defend... and how to use this tricky technique to create huge mismatches in the post and on the perimeter
A "triple-post" attack that's stolen right from the pages of the LA Lakers playbook
The ball reversal technique that instantly tires out defenders and leaves your shooters wide open for easy three point shots
How to quickly and seamlessly reset your offense (this simple transition will wear defenders out and force them to make mental mistakes... opening up easy back door cuts and lobs for your wing players)
The secret to racking up tons of offensive rebounds against a zone defense... effortlessly!
How to "program" your players to automatically run your offense without uttering a single word from the bench

You'll learn everything you need to know to teach this incredible offense to your team, and all the "shorcut secrets" that will save you time and get instant results for your team.

The second video hammers it all home. Coach Saia uses on-court demonstration to teach 11 different breakdown drills that support the offense.


Online Video Clinic #2
UCLA 1-4 Offense Breakdown Drills

How to use the "Corner of the Board" Drill to throw precision lob passes over a fronting post defender
The secret to executing with sharp cuts and stone-wall screens
How to get your players to memorize basketball "cues" (this simple technique will have your offense running on all cylinders with perfect timing... baffling your opponents and racking up up massive margins of victory)
How to avoid the biggest mistake players make when using a screen
How to teach your guards to react to the defense using a "dribble handoff" technique
How to use "pressure releases" to take advantage of aggressive, denying man-to-man defense (HINT: this technique works even better against ultra-quick, super athletic teams)
Why reversing the ball in exactly 1.8 seconds dramatically increases your chances of scoring against a zone
Step by step instructions to run a high-low backdoor cut for an easy layup
The specific location of the "side post"... and why this seldom used spot on the floor can be used to tear open huge gaps in your opponent's defense

And much, much more.

Here's what regular coaches like you are saying about this online video clinic.

"I can't believe how well my kids are playing since implementing this offense! We've increased our average PPG from 45 to 68, just from getting higher percentage shots. It truly is Awesome!"

-Darius Daltoy
San Luis Obispo

"This 'connect the dots' approach to running an offense is as simple as it gets. The girls grasped everything immediately and our play is much improved. This is now our go-to offense against zone."

-Krystal Long,
United Kingdom

"The results we saw were immediate and absolutely amazing. Our forwards are now getting 5 or 6 layups per game EACH, just from using that back-door play. Other teams don't know what hit them (and I'm not telling either!)"

-Anthony Cusimano
11-12 Yr Old Boys Coach

This is the kind of offense that winners call a "magic bullet".

A basketball coaching system that's so simple, so natural, and so amazingly effective, you'll kick yourself for not trying it sooner.

In fact, when you see how you can use Coach Saia's techniques pick apart the defense with surgical precision and pile up win after win against ANY opponent, you might exclaim

It CAN'T Be This Easy
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PPPS - One more thing. Here's what these NCAA greats said about Ralph Miller and his 1-4 Offense.

"Ralph Miller is one of the most outstanding coaches in the history of the game. He had great success at the high school levels and then built great programs at Wichita State, Iowa, and Oregon State with a system that put pressure on his opponents with quick hitting offense and great defensive play. Ralph Miller's approach to the game is very basic. His teaching methods are simple but sound."

-Lute Olsen
Arizona Wildcats

"Ralph Miller was one of the finest coaches in the history of intercollegiate basketball. His teams were always fundamentally sound, team oriented, well conditioned, and ran both their offense and defense with great patience. I know of no coach whose teams competed against his, whether it be at Wichita State, Iowa, or Oregon State, who did not have great respect for him."

-John Wooden
UCLA Bruins

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