They all gathered outside the gym
and asked in hushed amazement…

“How In-The-Heck Does This
'Old-Fogey' From Tiny Cuba City, Wisconsin Consistently Clobber Stronger, Faster, More Athletic Basketball Teams?”

The Answer Will Astonish And Amaze You!

It's a simple… easy-to-learn… and instantly effective offensive system that guarantees your team will get boatloads of easy layups and wide open jumpers… no matter how little skill your kids possess!

From: Coach Pat Anderson
Re: A new "secret weapon" that’s perfect for “less-than-athletic” teams…

Legendary Wisconsin basketball coach Jerry Petitgoue doesn’t mind one bit being called names. He’s actually getting used to "hot-shot" big-city coaches being furious with him.

Because - season after season - his kids out-hustle, out-execute, and out-play bigger, faster and more athletic squads... while he hums an old Frank Sinatra tune and

Chalks Up Another One
In The "W" Column

 In fact… Coach Petitgoue prefers to go head to head against high-flying, slam-dunking teams – because it PROVES that his simple offensive system will win out over raw skill and athleticism every single time.

What's more - he's now ready to show you everything he knows.

For Free If You Want!

It's an amazing basketball story that's definitely worth a couple of minutes of your time.

Here's what's happening: You may have never heard of Jerry Petitgoue, but he's fast becoming a hero to regular coaches like you and me... who struggle to stay competitive with the limited talent they have.

He’s been coaching for over 44 years. And in that time, he’s amassed an incredible 725-189 record… racking up 3 State Titles, 19 Conference Championsips, and 26 Straight 15+ win seasons... and regularly routing heavyweight competition from Milwaukee, Indianapolis and Chicago.

He’s known in the “inner circles” of the basketball world as a giant killer – a small-town coach with a knack for taking out big-city rivals with an overpowering display of precision passing and finely-tuned offensive execution.

But what's really exciting is that Coach Petitgoue’s simple offensive system is no longer a “lock-box” secret. In fact, it's available today... for you and the other loyal coaches on my "e-hotlist".

And if you truly want to improve your players and win more basketball games this season – you'll want to get your hands on this right away.

Because suddenly, scoring 110 points in a game will no longer be a big deal for your team. You'll discover EXACTLY how to obliterate your rivals with well-timed screens and crackerjack passing… plus loads of simple strategies to get

Wide Open Layups
And Easy Bank-Shots!

Here’s the best part:

These half-court offense tactics work for any team at any competitive level. If your kids know how to run a layup drill, then they have all the skills you need to dominate your competition using Coach Petitgoue’s patented system.

It’s that easy… and that powerful. Size, strength, skill, and athleticism are no longer an issue – and it doesn’t matter if you’ve never actually coached basketball before!

Here's just a taste of what you're about to discover:

20 killer ways to score against ANY man-to-man or zone defense (you’ll instantly “inherit” the championship proven playbook that’s helped Coach Petitgoue’s teams rack up over 49,304 points)
An advanced (but easy to learn) sideline inbounds play that can get you an easy two points… in less than 3 seconds
How to free up your point guard to create off the dribble and penetrate into the lane
11 ways to get a wide open 3-pointer for your best shooter

How to use the "curl-cut" to get your small forward open for a driving layup (this simple play really works… even if your players are small, slow, and unathletic)

Five simple half-court offense tactics that work wonders against zone pressure

The one play EVERY team should include as part of their offensive strategy

The amazing “Hold Action” play which guarantees to get you an easy bucket… (this technique is so incredibly effective, I won’t even HINT at how it works!)

And tons more.  An amazing “home-run” play to get a breakaway layup against full court pressure… 4 ways to score using a “horshoe set”… how to score from your own end with less than five seconds left on the clock … the secret to using the Flex offense to run up the score at will… and on and on.

There's simply too much for me to cover here. I could go on for another 10-pages… I'm not kidding!

But what's really amazing is just how easily ANY team can “plug into" these offensive strategies. It's an amazingly simple… easy to learn… and highly effective method that you'll be able to use in your very next game!

Here’s what youth and high school coaches are saying about this incredible system.

"If you want to see big results quickly, then check this out. These plays are so simple and easy to use in your team’s strategy. After only a couple practices, the boys understood the ins and outs of each play. They’re now able to read and react to the defense and we are pulverizing teams by 20-25 points ever weekend."

– Jimmy Mickelson
Orange County, CA

"Wow, I am amazed! Even with very little talent and no returning starters, my varsity high school squad is cleaning up our division. Petitgoue’s style is easy to understand and work very well for us. Thanks!"

– Chris Kimbleton
Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada

“Since implementing this system, we’ve won 5 straight games, and scored over 75 points in each one. (I’m coaching 11-12 year old rec league). Parents have been impressed with the improvement of our team and other coaches have complimented me on our offensive execution.”

- Tommy Hart
Elk Grove, IL

Like I said… if you’re looking for a fun, simple method to scoring more points – even if your team lacks talent – you'll want to get your hands on this immediately.

Think of it as a front-row seat to a PRIVATE basketball clinic. Just you and Jerry... talkin’ offensive tactics and devising ways to improve your team.

If he were to take you through ALL the material that's condensed into this online video clinic, it would probably take 2 or 3 hours. And at his private consultation rate of $75 an hour… well – you can see that it would get pretty expensive pretty fast.

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That’s less than what it costs to take your family out to the movies. And you’ll walk away with plays, tips and tactics that'll send your team soaring to the top of the standings.

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That's right. Order this amazing video clinic. Watch it, then take up to 60 days to try out these secrets with your team.

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But as with all good things…

There Is One "Catch"

This is the very first time Coach Petitgoue has revealed his break-through secrets on such a "public" level. He makes a very tidy income teaching these strategies at summer basketball camps and top-dollar coaching clinics… and doesn’t want this info to be spread around willy-nilly.

So I've agreed to a limited distribution of just 177 slots in this online clinic - just enough to cover my "e-hotlist". We'll see how it goes - but for right now I doubt there will be any more slots opened - at least for quite some time.

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pat anderson

Coach Pat Anderson

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