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Desk of: Coach Pat Anderson

Dear Coach,

You might think I got a bit carried away with that long headline up there.

But the fact is - I've stumbled across something that any serious coach would give a kidney for

Some are calling it the Holy Grail of Basketball Coaching - a simple, yet astonishingly powerful system that'll transform even the most dismal, underperforming team into a dominating powerhouse.

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If you're struggling to keep your players engaged and interested for your entire practice, and are looking for new, innovative drills that kids actually enjoy, then drop whatever you're doing and read this entire letter right now.

Here's the scenario (one you've probably lived through more times than you'd care to admit).

As you walk into the gym for your Tuesday night practice, you feel this incredible tension and anxiety building inside you. 

You know that the kids aren't thrilled to be here tonight, and the scattered parents in the bleachers can't wait to get this practice over with so they can race home and catch the last 20 minutes of "American Idol".

When you blow the whistle to call the kids into center court, they don't exactly sprint in at top speed. One kid even takes a final shot at the side basket... just to test your patience.

You finally get the practice moving, but every time you announce the next drill, they roll their eyes and give you a look that says "that one... again?".

The kids sleepwalk from drill to drill, going through the motions without any real effort or enthusiasm.

At times, the only way to make 'em concentrate is to threaten "death by wind sprints".

By the time practice mercifully draws to a close, your kids are like a pack of brain-dead zombies.  No intensity.  No fire.  No interest in what you have to teach them.

And that, my friend, is what most basketball practices look like. 

For almost every team. 

Almost every practice. 

Year in and year out.

And if this sounds familiar to you, don't worry.  The fact is, if you're struggling to keep your team having fun and engaged during practice

It's Not Your Fault!

And it's not your team's fault either.

The problem is that 99% of the drills and practice ideas you read about in books or on the web are the same old recycled hash from 20 years ago.

You're not a "bad coach", and you're not trying to teach "bad kids".  The real problem is that

Your Players Are
Just Plain Bored!

They've been running the same mind-numbing drills since the day they picked up a basketball, and are just sick and tired of repetitive "groundhog day" practices.

That's why I'm so incredibly excited to tell you about these 2 innovative basketball drill videos from Bernie Holowicki.

Does that name ring a bell? 

It sure does for a long list of NBA All-Stars.  Holowicki was a head instructor at the legendary Five Star Basketball Camp, which has churned out over 118 NBA players over the last 3 decades, including Lebron James, Michael Jordan and Patrick Ewing.

I could go on for another four pages describing all the great players Holowicki has personally mentored, and the long list of youth and high school coaches who owe their success to his unique, fun, and outrageously effective basketball training strategies, but you get the idea. 

Truth is, Holowicki has devoted his life to developing new, creative ways to teach fundamental basketball skills, and his cutting edge approach is guaranteed to keep your team completely riveted for an entire practice.

He KNOWS how to take a guard and load him up with NBA caliber shooting range, quickness and ballhandling skills... he KNOWS how to take a post player and instantly inject him with "mad-dog" tenacity and dazzling low post moves... and he KNOWS how to keep players focused, intense and having FUN while they're improving.

His techniques are so unconventional and state of the art, you'll wonder how the heck he came up with them. 

But the drills themselves are so simple to teach to your players, you'll master them in just one afternoon (no matter how little experience you have as a coach).

Holowicki's system is broken up into 2 easy to understand online video clinics, fully explained with step by step instruction and demonstration.

The first is called "42 Drills For an All Star Backcourt", and covers a complete plan for developing shooting, ballhandling and passing skills in new, fun ways you've never tried before.

Here's a small sample of what you'll discover:

How a mysterious item found in your gardener's shed can instantly transform the clumsiest player into a dazzling ballhandler

The 12 step ballhandling circuit that'll give your players "yo-yo like" dribbling skills and "ambidextrous" ball control
How to keep your players showing up for EVERY practice, week after week, for the entire season
The simple technique that allows undersized guards to get to the basket at will (HINT: it has nothing to do with quickness!)
How to use the "Jersey Skid" drill to help you break the press
How to use skipping ropes to help your players stay low and keep the ball under control

Five simple ways to liven up your practices and keep your players focused

The little-known 3-point shooting drill guaranteed to increase your team shooting percentage by at least 15.9%
How to use wrist weights to develop "hurricane" quickness and unstoppable blow-by ability 
12 never-seen-before, FUN passing drills that develop fingertip dexterity with both hands 
6 captivating ballhandling drills that use the power of resistance training to build an explosive first step

And much, much more.

But that's not all, you'll also receive a second full length online video clinic, called "38 Drills For An All Star Frontcourt".

This 41 minute video presentation focuses on Post Moves, Rebounding, and Killer Instinct Aggression.

Here's a small taste of what's included:

4 ways to develop animal-like ferocity in your "bigs" (try this no-holds-barred competitive drill just once and watch your players transform into a tightly knit pack of nasty, mean brawlers under the boards)
15 must-know post-up drills that develop quick feet and soft hands
Exact step by step instructions for the 7 crucial moves your big men need to know. You'll learn the drop step, "Adrian Dantley move", baseline spin, "James Worthy move", and more...
How one simple tweak to a classic post drill will get you five times the results... automatically!
The shortcut secret to developing both hands around the basket
11 revolutionary rebounding drills that teach tenacious box-out technique and "quick-burst" jumping
3 little-known pieces of training equipment that instantly pack on basketball specific strength and power
Have you ever wondered why some players NEVER blocked, while others get "stuffed" on a daily basis?  This technique will show you how to use the basket as your "ally" and prevent pesky defenders from bothering your shot.
6 head to head drills that get your players competitive juices flowing and jumpstart your practice intensity
The "Blind Man" drill that teaches your post players to catch a bad pass and finish strong.  This simple trick gives your players "eyes in the back of their heads", so they're always ready to receive the ball.

And much, much more.

Here's what other coaches are saying about these powerful basketball coaching strategies.

"I was seriously struggling with practice until I discovered these drills.  After putting just a few of the passing drills into my regular rotation, my players were suddenly having more fun and working harder in practice. We're playing our best ball of the season and have won our last 4 games."

- Mike Blanchard
Bristol, NH

"We used to be lucky to get 8 or 9 kids to come out for practice.  Everyone else had an excuse.  soccer practice, volleyball practice etc.  After implementing Coach Holowicki's drills, we're getting 12 or 13 kids out at EVERY practice.  Thanks!"

- Wes Darling
Shelbyville, Kentucky

"The drills are so much fun for my players, they don't even realize how hard they're working.  I have at least 2 dozen basketball books and videos, but the drills I learned from Coach Holowicki surpass them all.  My favorite is the Garden Glove drill!"

- Martin Wordsmouth
High school coach
Dixon, IL

I could tell you more, but I won't.  Instead, I want you to drop what you're doing right now, click here, and order your own copy through our secure server.

Let me stress something.  These drill ideas are so incredibly creative

Your Players Will Actually
Look Forward To Practice!

Whether your kids are 6 or 16, boys or girls, rec league or varsity high school, you'll be shocked and amazed at how much fun they'll have with this amazing system.

Remember, you get 80 BRAND NEW, innovative drills I GUARANTEE you've never seen before.

To get this many NEW drills from anywhere else, you'd probably need to buy 4 or 5 DVD's, and shell out $160 to $200.  Not to mention the hours you'd spend sifting the wheat from the chaff... trying to figure out which drills your players will actually enjoy.

That's what so special about this online video clinic.  Every drill has been rigorously tested to make sure it pleases your players and improves their skills - fast.

And if you order today, as part of this introductory "e-hotlist" offer, you can get the entire Bernie Holowicki collection for just $69.95 - an absolute bargain considering how much time and stress it will save you, and how much you'll impress your players (and their parents) with your new basketball coaching knowledge.

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And it keeps getting better.  The entire Bernie Holowicki clinic is available online, which means you can

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That's right, just place your secure order and you'll have instant access to the entire clinic.  It's plays right over your computer screen, and you don't need any special programs or special equipment.  It's easy as pie (even if you're totally clueless about computers).

And you don't risk a penny, because you're covered by our world-famous

100% No Questions Asked
Money Back Guarantee


That's right.  Order this amazing video clinic.  Watch it, then take up to 60 days to try out these secrets with your team.

If you decide this isn't for you for any reason, or no reason at all - no problem.  Just contact me and you'll receive a prompt refund of every penny of your purchase price - no questions asked, and no hassles.  And we'll still be friends.

And here's the best part...

You Still Keep the Entire
Online Clinic For FREE!

That's right... 60 days to test-drive this material - and if you're not totally blown away, you get your money back with no questions asked, and STILL keep everything as my gift to you.  Click here to order now!

This is your chance to learn all of Coach Holowicki's drills for FREE if you choose.  And as one of my most favored "e-hotlist" customers, I completely trust your judgement.

But here's the thing.  Coach Holowicki is understandably a little nervous about publicy releasing this information.  One of the reasons these techniques work so well is that so few coaches know about them.  If every team in the country was running these drills, you'd no longer have such a massive competitive advantage, right?

So we've agreed to keep this whole thing "hush-hush" - which means there are only

An Extremely Limited Number
Of Slots For This Online Clinic

I'm offering them discretely to my "e-hotlist" only.  You won't see this ad splashed across the pages of "SLAM Magazine" or advertised on "NBA TV". 

There's a very exclusive group of guys and gals I'm making this available to - which means we can only accept 124 coaches right now.

So you must hurry.  If I don't hear from you by midnight tonight, , I'll assume that you're just not interested and I'll pass your slot to the next hotlist customer down the line.

We may open up some more slots later on, but that could be months away - and we might decide to split the two videos and sell them separately at a much higher price.

If you're serious about captivating your players and getting the most out of your practices, you should take advantage of this right now.

There's NO RISK - so you've literally got nothing to lose.


pat anderson

Coach Pat Anderson

PS - Okay... there's a lot of stuff you'll receive in this package, so let's go over it again to make sure we'll all clear.  Here's what you get when you order now.

1. 42 Drills For An All-Star Backcourt
2. 38 Drills For An All-Star Frontcourt
3. 60 Day 100% No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee
4. Instant Access Right Over Your Computer Screen

That's about as generous as I can get.  There are only 124 slots, so if you're interested (even just curious), then do this now.  You've got until midnight tonight, , to respond.  Don't wait!

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