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From: Coach Pat Anderson

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Dear Friend,

What Other Coaches
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"As a first time coach (fourth grade boys) I needed drills that would build the kids skills quickly. The drills and plays give you an easy way to look like you know what you're doing. In the end we won our Division and our 37 team tourney!"

Coach Greg Entler
Columbus, Oh
Immaculate Conception Rams

You may think I've lost my mind with that long headline up there… but I haven't. I'm just giddy with excitement, because I've finally discovered the 4 simple secrets to having a darn-near perfect youth basketball team.

And in just 90 seconds, you're gonna discover them too.

Inside the "Simplified Youth Basketball Systems" online video clinic, you'll learn the rarely taught (yet wildly effective) techniques that allow almost ANY team to run right through their competition... and bring home trunkloads of trophies, medals and tournament championships (no matter how much you're struggling right now).

I'm not kidding. This clinic will change your coaching life forever.

It reveals (in the most effective manner ever recorded) the TRUTH about coaching your youth basketball team… and for the lucky coaches that get in on this Introductory Offer, it'll be like a "divine revelation."

You may already know the instructor: Jerry Petitgoue. Yes - THE Jerry Petitgoue - one of the hottest (and most respected) basketball minds alive today.

For over 44 years, he's been crushing the competition at the youth and high school levels, posting a mind-boggling 725-189 record (83% winning pct).

And his resume is stronger than two-day old garlic: 3 Wisconsin state titles… 19 conference championships... and 26 straight 15+ win seasons.

Even better, he's developed one of the finest basketball "feeder" programs in the country, mentoring dozens of youth and junior high basketball coaches on his simple strategies for success.

You see, Jerry insists he only needs a short time to transform any youth basketball team into a championship caliber squad.

And it doesn't matter how poorly your kids are playing right now, or how inexperienced they are.

None of that matters.

In fact, Jerry actually PREFERS to teach uncoordinated kids with little or no "feel" for the game.
Because he shows them exactly how to get

Real Good, Real Fast

The focus is on youth basketball coaching systems… the four CRITICAL elements to basketball success that nobody seems to get right… nobody knows how to teach properly... and nobody but a select group of elite-level coaches really understands.

This is the stuff that's hidden from most regular "mom and pop" coaches like you and me... and that's the way most of those high-profile "elite" coaches like it.

You won't discover these secrets by attending your local coaching clinics.

You won't find 'em in the basketball section at Barnes & Noble.

Heck... you could surf the Internet for a week straight and STILL not scratch the surface of what Coach Petigoue has to offer.

The only way to learn this stuff is from the man himself, and that's why I'm so thrilled to let you in on this today.

Because -- after months and months of begging -- we FINALLY convinced Jerry to record his amazing 4 part coaching system in a full length online video clinic.

And now, as part of this Introductory Internet Offer, you can steal every one of his "dirty secrets" without risking a penny.

Here's how this works…

For this Introductory Internet Offer, we've pulled together an incredible "learn-it-fast" package that's guaranteed to launch you into a lifetime of coaching success.

It's broken down into four step by step videos. Each one covers a specific youth basketball coaching system that's been proven to deliver maximum improvement to your team in the least possible amount of time.

The first video is called "Simplified Motion Offense For Youth Basketball." Inside, you'll discover an incredible step by step offensive system with 9 simple scoring options.

It's easy to customize for your team's strengths… and everything is explained in plain English and demonstrated with simple breakdown drills.

Some of what's included:

5 critical offensive keys every youth basketball team should remember. Master these simple concepts and you'll light up the scoreboards with ease! (find this section at 2:01 of the video)
What you absolutely MUST NOT DO when setting up your motion offense in practice. It's a common mistake that immediately gives your opponent the upper hand. Stop it now and do this instead… (5:17)
A nifty little "ball reversal" drill that programs your kids to get a high percentage shot - even when nothing else is working right for your team! (7:41)
The incredible "flat top" secret that isolates your best scorer for an easy 1 on 1 matchup. Guaranteed to get you an easy bucket against any man-to-man defense (13:24)
A HUGE mistake your guards are making right now when entering the ball into the post. This blunder is probably costing your team 5-10 points per game… and most coaches don't even know it! (16:12)
An easy-to-learn (and SUPER fun) "gate" drill that teaches your kids how take it strong to the basket. Your players will be asking for this one by name! (21:37)
The best offense to run when you DON'T have a dominant post player (23:21)
An incredible "5-man Pick" technique that frees up your small forward for an easy driving layup. You've got to see this one to believe it! (33:22)
3 killer "special" plays to run when you REALLY need a bucket. One's called "Yankee"… the other "Lobster".. and the last one "Stanford." They're easy to do and work like magic… and I guarantee you've never seen any of them before! (41:16)

And much more.

The second video is called "Simplified Zone Defense For Youth Basketball." There's no fluff here… no useless theory... and no beating around the bush.

All you'll see are proven defensive strategies that are guaranteed to work for your team (even if you know NOTHING about playing a zone right now!)

Here's a small taste of what you'll learn:

7 reasons you MUST teach zone defense to your kids BEFORE they get to high school (12:41)
An easy method for neutralizing a dominant scorer on the other team. (Your competition won't know what hit 'em!) (17:00)
The correct way to set up the 3-2 and 1-1-3 zones. You'll discover specific alignment techniques that allow your kids to blanket the court from top to bottom… and ensure your opponent NEVER gets an easy shot! (18:46)
A cardinal sin nearly every young player makes that's killing your team on defense. You'll be kicking yourself for not spotting this sooner! (22:11)
A wickedly effective "5 on 7" drill that trains your kids to move while the ball's in the air… and put massive pressure on the ball. This is the secret to forcing those long cross-court passes… and stealing the ball for easy breakaway layups at the other end! (26:05)
How to set up a devastating corner zone trap in 3 easy steps. Perfect for when you need to force a turnover in a tight game situation (30:04)
A clever "tandem" technique that makes your zone as flexible and adaptable as a chameleon. You'll be amazed at how quickly your kids master this strategy (37:13)
The best zone defense to use against a guard-oriented team (45:20)
How to extend your zone defense into the full court using the 1-2-1-1 press. Follow along closely and you'll be locking your opponents down with a ferocious defensive attack that literally forces opposing guards to cough up the ball (52:51)

And much more.

There's even a special 12 minute bonus section covering the absolute best press break strategy to use for youth basketball teams. It simple to learn, destroys any kind of zone or man to man press, and works even better in small gym environments!

The third video is called "Simplified Fast Break Offense For Youth Basketball," and includes 13 all-new drills and strategies specifically designed for kids 7-14.

The best part: These techniques work for almost EVERYONE. Fast… slow… skinny… heavy. Tall or short. Experienced players or total newbies. It doesn't matter.

With just a few simple "tweaks," you'll discover exactly how to control the tempo of your games… and get loads of quick, easy baskets and high percentage shots in transition.

Some of what's inside:

5 critical keys for success in transition basketball. Get these down and you'll score an extra 12-23 points per game! (5:05)
How to assign fast break responsibilities to every kid on the court. You'll learn exactly where your 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 players should set up and run to in every potential scenario (9:43)
An easy "Circle Drill" that trains your team to get the ball inbounds with lightning fast efficiency, then move it up the court with passing (not dribbling) (11:14)
Why your power forward should always trail the fast-break… and how this simple technique opens up the floodgates for loads of easy layups on your "secondary offense" (17:23)
How to get a WIDE open three (whenever you need it) using a wickedly effective "triple-stagger" play (21:47)
6 "must-know" fast break drills that are PERFECT for youth basketball practice. You'll discover the 3-man break drill… chase drill… outlet drill… rapid-fire rebound drill… figure 8 drill… and (my personal favorite)… the marathon drill! (31:14)
How to train your players to finish fast-break layups under pressure. Practice this a couple times per week and your kids will NEVER miss breakaway layups again! (37:24)

And much more.

The fourth video is the cherry on top…. my personal favorite of the bunch. It's called "Simplified Practice Planning For Youth Basketball" and gives you an easy A-B-C formula for running a KILLER practice session any night of the week.

Petitgoue's plan is broken down into 8 blocks… and is easy to adapt for 60 minute, 90 minute OR 120 minute practices. You'll get 35 astonishingly effective drills -- all demonstrated by real youth basketball players and explained with step by step instruction by Coach Petitgoue himself.

Even better, you'll learn EXACTLY how to structure your practices from start to finish, including what drills to run in what order, and how much time to spend on each one.

Here's a quick preview of all the drills you'll see demonstrated on video:

Pre-Practice Exercises

Ladder Jump Drill | Front Jump Drill | Side Jump Drill | Line Jump Drill | Crazy Ball Drill | Vertical Jump Drill

Free Throw Drills

Form Drill | Block Out Drill | 1 on 1 Dril | Commando Drill (my favorite!)

Dribbling Fundamentals

2 Ball Stationary Drill | 2 Ball Moving Drill | 1 Ball Moving Drill

Stationary Ballhandling

Slap Drill | Figure 8 Drill | Front Flip Drill | Side Flip Drill | Spider Drill | Drop and Catch Drill | Toss and Catch Drill

Passing and Catching

Basic Fundamentals Drill | Partner Passing Drill | Peripheral Passing Drill

Shooting Fundamentals

Square Up Drill | Continuous Layup Drill | Shot Builder Drill | Wave Drill | Mikan Drill | Power Layup Drill | Beat the Pro Drill

Defensive Fundamentals

Mass Footwork Drill | Shell Drill | Lightning Drill

Rebounding Fundamentals 

Rebounding Fundamentals Drill | Monster Rebounding Drill

As a special bonus, you'll also get a free PDF file including 10 step by step Practice Planning Templates based on Coach Petitgoue's system.

Simply print out the templates... bring 'em to the gym and "Whala!" … an instant "practice in a can" that your players will absolutel LOVE!

Think of this as a front-row seat to a PRIVATE basketball clinic. Just you and Jerry... talkin' b-ball and devising ways to improve your team.

If Jerry were to take you through all of this material during a private session, it would probably take 4 or 5 hours. The going rate for a coach like him is usually in the range of $150.00 to $250.00 an hour.

So you'd be out a minimum of $600.00… maybe more.

And even though that investment would be worth every penny… that's a figure that most regular youth coaches like you and me would have a hard time justifying.

But I've got good news for you.

What Other Coaches
Are Saying...

"Showed me which fundamentals to work on at every practice, and how to incorporate new concepts. For inexperienced coaches, it's a good introductory how to. And it has good info for the more experiencced coach looking for new ideas."

David Coenen
7th grade Appleton North
Girls Tournament Team
Appleton, WI

As one of my special "e-hotlist" members, you're not gonna pay $600.00 for this package. Or $500.00… or $400.00… or even $300.00.


If you order today - as part of this special Introductory Internet Offer - you can get the entire "Simplified Youth Basketball Systems" online video clinic for just $149!

(or 4 easy monthly payments of only $39)

That's less than what it costs for an hour of gym time at your local YMCA... and about a million times more valuable for you and your players.

That's a heck of an offer don't you think?

Click here to place your secure order now for just $149!


Or, click here to use the 4 monthly payment option.

We could easily stop right there and this would already be one of the greatest basketball coaching resources ever put together.

But as a fellow youth basketball coach, I KNOW how important fundamental skills are… and I really want to make sure you're armed with ALL of the drills, techniques and coaching tips you'll need to have your best season ever.

That's why I've decided to throw in a special bonus gift. Something so incredibly valuable, you'll be virtually guaranteed to win your league championship this year.

It's called "Basketball Fundamentals 101" … and it includes SEVEN step by step online videos covering everything you need to know about teaching basic skills to your kids.

Each video takes a "deep dive" into a specific position or role on your basketball team, including demonstrated drills… animated diagrams… real game footage… teaching notes and more.

It's all designed to help you master the fundamentals of basketball in the fastest, most efficient way possible… so you can feel more confident in practice, and finally get the respect and success you deserve. 

Let's get down to brass tacks.


The first free bonus video is called "Point Guard: Roles & Responsibilities." Inside you'll discover 82 lessons, tips, and drills to develop a top-notch floor general to lead your team.

Like how to set the "emotional tempo" for your team… a straightforward way to bottle up the passing lanes on defense… how to draw help-side defenders and set up your teammates for wide open shots.

And many more simple secrets you can start using right away.


Your second bonus video is called "Shooting Guard: Roles & Responsibilities." This one has over 89 "quick-learn" coaching tips, including detailed in-season and off-season workout plans.

You'll learn how to become a pure shooter (with just a few minutes of practice per day)… how to use screens to create space on offense… the secret to getting your shot off quickly under pressure… the key to becoming a "lock-down" on the ball defender… and a lot more.


The third part of this series is called "Small Forward: Roles & Responsibilities." It's jam-packed with championship-proven skills and drills that are simple to learn and easy to teach to youth basketball players.

For example… how to become a versatile scorer that's comfortable on the perimeter AND in the post… the #1 rule for going to the glass (and how it can translate to 7-10 rebounds per game)… how to contain a quicker opponent on defense… and much more.

All in all, over 97 specific tips you can take to practice right away, with almost no learning curve at all!


Video #4 is called "Power Forward: Roles & Responsibilities." Inside you'll learn 92 specific coaching strategies that'll make your team virtually unstoppable in the paint (even if your tallest kid is only 5 foot 6!)

You'll discover the 6 critical skill areas every "4-man" should master… how to develop a killer short range jumper from the high post or short corner… how to "bring out the mean" in your mildest-mannered kid and transform him into a beast in the post…

And a whole bunch more. 


Up next is your fifth video: "The Center: Roles & Responsibilities." If you've been searching for an honest shortcut to developing a high-flying, shot-blocking, rebound-grabbing "man in the middle" to anchor your team on offense and defense… you're gonna LOVE this.

The video includes 65 incredible tips you can start using immediately… like how to build pro-level strength, speed, and agility (even if you don't have access to a weight room)… the 4 easiest (and most effective) low post moves for any young center... how to develop soft hands around the basket.

And much, much more. 


The sixth bonus video is called "The 6th Man: Roles & Responsibilities." This is an incredibly effective blueprint for coaching your bench players, including 96 strategies for success that work for players at all levels.

For example, 3 ways to score easy points when coming off the bench… how to maintain rock solid mental toughness throughout the game (and be ready to play big minutes when needed)

… how to work with the coaching staff to shore up your weaknesses… and a lot more. 


Last, but certainly not least is "The Scorer: Roles & Responsibilities." This video is packed with over 83 drills, tips and coaching ideas to help you develop "go-to" players on your team.

Some of what's included: The single most important skill a scorer needs to possess (it's NOT a good jumpshot)… how to read the defense, and get a high percentage shot in any game situation… 13 specific scoring moves you can work on in practice… how to create contact in the lane and get to the free throw line at will.

And much more. 

The best part is that everything is broken down into bite-sized segments that are easy to digest.

Starting with offensive responsibilities... then defense... then finishing off with leadership and "off-the-court" considerations.

So  - if you want - you can learn a small "chunk" at a time… introduce it to your team… then go back for more when you're ready.

Or, you can blaze through the entire series and start using your new drills right away.

It's totally up to you.

So just to recap, here's everything included in this incredible package:

1. Simplified Motion Offense For Youth Basketball ($39.00 value)
2. Simplified Zone Defense For Youth Basketball ($39.00 value)
3. Simplified Fast Break Offense For Youth Basketball ($39.00 value)
4. Simplified Practice Planning For Youth Basketball ($39.00 value)
5. Practice Planning Templates ($12.00 value)
6. The Point Guard: Roles & Responsibilities ($29.00 value)
7. The Shooting Guard: Roles & Responsibilities ($29.00 value)
8. The Small Forward: Roles & Responsibilities ($29.00 value)
9. The Power Forward: Roles & Responsibilities ($29.00 value)
10. The Center: Roles & Responsibilities ($29.00 value)
11. The 6th Man: Roles & Responsibilities ($29.00 value)
12. The Scorer: Roles & Responsibilities ($29.00 value)

That's over $371.00 worth of hard-core coaching material you won't find anywhere else.

My accountant's head will probably explode when he hears I'm offering this for just $149… but I don't care.

What Other Coaches
Are Saying...

"Our team went from having a four win season to going 18-4! Thanksgiving Preseason Champs, Runner up in the League Championship, & The Elementary Citywide Champs! Your system made my practices easy to run & gave the players skills to use in game time situations."

Willie Warren
Johnsontown Road Elementary
Louisville, Kentucky

This isn't about me. It's about you and your youth basketball team… and how much better you'll play when you discover these "insider" secrets for yourself.

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Yes Pat! Give me instant access to Jerry Petitgoue's "Simplified Youth Basketball Systems" so I can discover the  secrets to scoring more points on offense, shutting down my opponents on defense, and having more FUN with my team!

I understand that if I'm one of the next 100 84 53 coaches to order, I also get "Basketball Fundamentals 101" for free, including 7 step by step videos covering everything I need to know about teaching basic skills to my kids.

I understand that this is a $371.00 value, and it's mine today for only $149! (or 4 monthly payments of $39)

And thanks for the 60 day money back guarantee too. That really makes it a no-brainer. I understand that I can learn all of these secrets and use them for 2 full months, and if I'm not totally blown away with the results, I can get a full refund with no questions asked… and keep everything for FREE!

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Not to mention some of those "elite" coaches I mentioned before, who are fighting tooth and nail to make sure this stuff stays secret. Some of them are gonna get hotter than a nanny goat in a pepper patch when they find out this precious info is getting into the hands of "regular" folks like you and me.

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Coach Pat Anderson

PS - Quick reminder... the entire clinic package is covered by an unprecedented 200% guarantee.

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It gives you a complete step by step overview of the common problems that youth basketball coaches face... and exactly what to do or say in these difficult situations.

This is the "ultimate" cheat sheet for getting parents on your side, so they stop meddling in your coaching decisions... and instead create a positive impact on the team.

You'll discover how to handle a "over-enthusiastic" dad who thinks his kid is the next Michael Jordan... how to make sure parents bring their kids to practice and games on time... 6 simple steps for dealing with an irate parent... and much, much more.

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