“FINALLY! A step by step system for
building fundamental skills, designed
specifically for youth basketball coaches!

“I Promise - Within One Week Of Practicing This Hyper-Simple Youth Basketball Coaching System, Your Team Will Be Shooting The Lights Out, Locking Down Their Opponents With Stifling Defense, And Having More FUN On The Court Than You Ever Dreamed Possible…

Elite-level youth coaches have been using these techniques for years to dominate junior-high leagues and AAU tournaments… and I figure it’s high time the rest of us got access to these jealously guarded secrets!

The Best Part: You can learn it all today, right over your computer screen... for FREE if you want!

Desk of: Coach Pat Anderson

Dear Coach,

Prepare yourself to enjoy the game like never before.

I’m serious!

If you’re a youth basketball coach looking for simple ways to improve your players skills, run more efficient practices, and have more FUN with your team... then drop whatever you’re doing and listen closely right now.

You’re about to discover

A Complete “Color By Numbers” System
For Successfully Coaching Youth Basketball

The focus is on fundamental skill development for kids 6-12 (stuff EVERY youth coach needs to know).

You’ll learn EXACTLY how to teach your kids to:


Nail jumpshots from any spot on the floor with machine-like consistency and supreme confidence (your opponents will SWEAR you’ve got the ball on GPS remote control)


Handle the ball with the precision and accuracy of a yo-yo on a string


Automatically hit the open man with laser-guided passes. Once you master this simple secret, your team will feast on a steady diet of wide open jumpers and easy layups!


Rebound the ball with the tenacity of a wild animal (even if your team is short, skinny or un-athletic)


Lock down your competition with stifling defensive pressure and maximum effort on every possession (floor burns will become a badge of honor!)

This is HUGE, especially if you love coaching basketball like I do... and want to do what's best for your kids at this critical stage of their development.

It’s all contained inside an incredible three volume online video clinic called “Youth Basketball Mastery.”

Inside you’ll discover

Over 58 Wickedly Effective Drills Designed
Specifically For Youth Basketball Teams

Here’s what’s really cool: 

Everything can be learned quickly. You can master these secrets - from the comfort of your home computer - in less time than it takes to watch an NBA game on TV.

It’s easy to teach to your kids. Each drill is taught using a progression, with step by step instructions, coaching tips, and demonstrations by real youth league players.

No coaching experience is necessary. Even if you’re a totally raw rookie, you can completely transform your players skills using just a few of these “building block” techniques.

These are simple-to-learn, wildly effective secrets that will catapult your kids to a new level - no matter how lousy your team is playing right now. The improvements are stunning and dramatic.


Your Players Will “Get It”
In Just One Week Of Practice

Guaranteed, or I’ll buy it back from you with no questions asked.

You’re probably hungry for more details, so let me take this down to brass tacks. The online clinic is broken down into three volumes. The first one is called:

"Teaching Youth Basketball Skills"

Here’s a sample of what’s included

The correct way to teach shooting form... which instantly gives your kids "radar-like" accuracy in their jumpshots. No more bricks or airballs, ever! (2:25)

A simple little tip that automatically DOUBLES the speed that players pick up new skills. You'll get more accomplished in practice, and parents will be amazed at how quickly their kids improve! (3:21)

The amazing "balance" secret that every successful shooter knows (6:39)

A simple "spot-shooting" drill that rapidly builds self-esteem and confidence... and teaches your players

How to Nail Jumpers From
Any Position On The Floor!

Exactly what age you should begin teaching 3-pointers to your team. (WARNING: introduce this shot too early and it could actually HURT your players shooting mechanics) (10:05)

A little-known team layup drill that forces your players to concentrate on making each shot... and quickly develops precise footwork around the basket  (15:30)

An incredible "V-Shot" drill that automatically sets the whole series of balance, elbow, eyes and follow through into motion... without having to think about it at all! (18:02)

A common footwork mistake that ROBS your players of defensive speed and agility... and exactly how to correct it using an easy  "Sideline Slide" drill (21:42)

How to teach defensive awareness and court balance using a simple 6-player rotation drill (23:40)

A super critical passing error that the "so-called" experts are teaching everyone. It DOOMS your team to a season of flubbed passes and offensive failure! (26:25)

A common offensive mistake most youth-league players make. Eliminating this single flaw will literally

Cut Your Turnovers In Half!

How a nifty little "Partner Dribbling" drill forces your kids to keep their eyes up while handling the ball (31:20)

Exactly how many dribbling moves players under 12 need to learn - this may surprise you! (38:04)

How to develop a jaw-dropping, pro-level cross-over move that leaves defenders in the dust. It's actually simple, once you try this amazing "Full Court Whistle Drill" (41:02)

The secret to owning the paint and totally dominating your opponents on the boards. Even if your kids are short, skinny, or unathletic... you'll discover simple tips and drills that will transform every one of them into rebounding monsters with unstoppable aggression and a "nose" for the ball! (42:46)

And a lot more.

"We Came Out With A Silver Medal!"

"After just 2 practices, my kids had mastered the 5 building blocks, and our play at the tournament this past weekend was much improved. We came out with a silver medal, narrowly losing to the #1 team in our region. Thanks!"

Tom Ramsey
Dinuba, CA

The second volume is called:

"Coaching Youth Basketball Teams"

Here’s a taste of what’s included:

The 5 key fundamentals EVERY youth coach should focus on (skip one of these at your own peril!) (2:31)

A "pivot drill" that immediately translates into better shooting balance... and a HIGHER shooting percentage! (4:01)

A little-known coaching technique that increases your team's shooting percentage by up to 30%! (6:42)

The EXACT step by step sequence for teaching your kids how to do right-handed and left-handed layups (8:11)

Limited gym space? No problem! You'll learn how to run a killer youth basketball practice... even if you only have 2 hoops to work with! (11:23)

4 great drills for teaching your kids to keep their head up while dribbling (14:01)

The single most important defensive drill youth coaches need to learn. HINT: this simple technique teaches your players to defend the perimeter, and

Keep Opposing Players Out
Of The Lane... Automatically!

3 critical keys to effective 1 on 1 defense (25:40)

Quick and easy ways to teach help defense concepts (27:47)

A jealously guarded defensive footwork drill that installs blazing quickness and agility into ANY young player! (32:25)

How to teach zone defense to youth teams. Specific secrets that allow your kids to master this strategy quickly and easily (34:32)

4 killer passing drills that will have your players "dropping dimes" like Steve Nash! (41:03)

New ways to get your kids open on the wing for an easy shot (45:42)

A simple practice planning technique that can double or triple your players repetitions (48:22)

And much, much more.

"More High Percentage Shots"

"The section on teaching passing skills has made all the difference in the world. Our offense now runs much smoother, kids are getting open easily and we are getting high percentage shots on every possession."

Mike J. McKenna
Mesquite, TX

The third volume is called:

"Youth Basketball: Individual Practice Program"

This is a step by step workout plan designed for youth basketball players to rapidly build their skills. It includes drill descriptions, demonstrations, benchmarks for success, and everything else a player needs to run a killer workout.

Some of what you’ll learn:

An incredibly effective 3-spot warmup drill that builds proper shooting form and confidence (2:15)

How to teach youth players to use BOTH hands around the basket (4:15)

An amazing shooting drill that teaches kids how to get open on the wing, square up and drill a 12-foot jumpshot with ease (7:53)

An easy-to-learn technique that will dramatically improve your team's free throw shooting (11:17)

A great way to work on passing skills... even if you don't have a partner!(12:03)

How to teach your players to make accurate passes under pressure. This simple technique will neutralize an aggressive defense... and ensure your offense runs

Smoother Than A Rolls Royce Engine!

7 critical tips to remember when running dribbling drills (22:14)

An easy way to ensure your players see the floor and make the easy pass. This simple tip literally forces your kids to play "team oriented" basketball... and gets all 5 players involved for better team chemistry and more FUN! (24:24)

A ballhandling drill that's so simple, most people scoff at it -- yet it improves your players dribbling and finishing skills like nothing you've ever seen! (28:08)

An advanced (yet easy to learn) dribbling technique that leaves defenders speechless... and gives your players a wide open lane to the rim for easy layup every time (30:09)

A brilliant drill that will "program" your player's mind and body to stay low and move their feet on defense (If you ask me, this drill alone is worth the entire price of the package - 31:18)

And much more.

"Parents Are Blown Away"

"I love this system! Parents are blown away with how organized practices are, and the girls are improving faster then anyone hoped. Right now, we're 11-4, first place in our division!"

Richard Hall
Tuscaloosa, AL

This system was specifically created

By Youth Coaches... And
For Youth Coaches

It's so easy to implement, you'll be smiling ear to ear.

Your team will have more fun and success than you ever thought possible… and their parents will be astounded at how quickly their kids improve.

Click here to place your secure order now! It won’t be long before you’re greeted like a Roman war hero every time you walk into the gym for practice… with pats on the back, high fives, and rounds of adoring applause.

That’s how effective these secrets are, and why I think every youth coach in America deserves a chance to learn them.

So here’s the deal: I want to get this online clinic into your hands as quickly as possible so that you can start using it right away... to develop a killer team that will totally dominate your competition.

You’ll be playing the best basketball ever... right away.

And I also want to treat you how I would like to be treated if I were buying something new.

So I’m making this all risk free and as easy as possible with this incredible guarantee:

100% No Questions Asked
Money Back Guarantee


That's right.  Order this amazing video clinic.  Watch it, then take up to 60 days to try out these secrets with your team.

If you decide this isn't for you for any reason, or no reason at all - no problem.  Just contact me and you'll receive a prompt refund of every penny of your purchase price - no questions asked, and no hassles.  And we'll still be friends.

And here's the best part...

You Still Keep the Entire
Online Clinic For FREE!

That's right... 60 days to test-drive this material - and if you're not totally blown away, you get your money back with no questions asked, and STILL keep everything as my gift to you.  Click here to order now!

It’s up to you. As a “hotlist” member I trust you completely.

These videos could easily sell for $40 EACH (that’s $120.00 for the package)... and my original plan was to run a special “e-hotlist” promotion at just $99.00.

But we had a small issue during the production process…

FORCING Me To Offer This Package
At A Rock Bottom Discount!

Somehow, our equipment malfunctioned… and the videos came out with a strange orange “hue” throughout. It doesn’t affect the quality of the content at all… you still get 58 hugely effective drills explained with step by step instructions and demonstrations..

But the players and coaches on the tape just look a little, well... orange. Like they spent a little too much time at the tanning salon.

So, to make up for this minor glitch, I’ve slashed the price even more, and you can get the entire Youth Basketball Mastery package for just $120.00 $99.00 $69!

That’s a fabulous bargain, especially considering you can’t get this level of Youth Basketball instruction anywhere (unless you’re a filthy rich millionaire and you flew in a team of elite-level coaches on your private jet).

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Just 90 Seconds From Now!

That’s right, your Youth Basketball videos are all presented to you in an easy-to-use online format. You’ll be directed to a special download page as soon as your payment is completed, and you can be learning all 58 drills mere moments from now.

But please - don’t wait. I’ve set aside one slot for this clinic in your name, and I’d hate for you to miss out.

No joke - my web guy has pre-coded the page to make sure you (and only you) get the special discount that I mentioned above.

Simply click here and you can access everything right away

If later on you decide you don’t want it, then all you gotta do is email me and I’ll cheerfully refund you the entire purchase price.

And you can still keep the entire online clinic as my gift to you for trying.

Of course my accountant is insisting that I’ll go broke. He says I’m being too generous and that we’ll get ripped off.

But I choose to believe that if we honestly deliver on our promises (and we do), coaches like you will happily pay the $69... and even be eager to see what else we have to share later on.

Until next time,

Coach Pat Anderson

P.S. Oh... WAIT - I’ve got a FREE bonus video for you.

It’s called "Youth League Sports Training", and includes 70 demonstrated drills to improve key athletic skills, like flexibility, strength, agility, and conditioning.

It’s designed specifically for kids 6-12, and there’s no special equipment necessary.

You’ll learn 16 coordination exercises your athletes can do while they watch TV (no more couch potatoes)… a little known timing secret that will help your athletes master ANY drill faster than ever before… how to quickly develop eye-hand coordination in your players in just 30 seconds per practice.

Plus... how to determine the appropriate number of repetitions for your players when doing strength exercises… how to use 3 regular school chairs to challenge your athletes in a conditioning circuit… and much, much more.

Great stuff that will immediately translate into more success on the basketball court, and more productive, healthier, injury-free fun for your kids.

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4. FREE BONUS: Youth League Sports Training ($29.00 value)
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